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13 faculties, numerous student groups and over 450 students, faculty and staff participate in 2018 Calgary Pride >
UCalgary’s Keith Yeates a lead author on influential study and U.S. government report >
Everything you need to know about evacuation drills, plus a sneak peek at Safety and Wellness Week sessions — registration is open now >
Nationwide concerts impart message of hope and healing >
Enjoy carnival-like fun and festivities before joining the roar of the crowd at the Dinos KICKOFF game Friday >
As classes resume, researchers ready to assist the 2% of the population affected by developmental topographical disorientation >
David Bercuson, Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies, writes in The Conversation Canada >
Researcher Derek Chapman, Psychology, looks at the ways that technology is transforming the workplace, and reinforcing the fundamental things that make us human >
Griffin Award-winning poet is 2018-2019 Canadian Writer-in-Residence >
UCalgary employees enjoy reduced ticket prices >
Artist Dylan McLernon draws humans closer to bees with a honey of an idea >
UCalgary researchers study how open access to real-time data, innovative data storytelling and interdisciplinary collaborations are bringing data to life >
Marie-Andrée Bergeron and Dennis Storoshenko are helping organize a booth at Pride in the Park, an event to be held on Prince’s Island Park after the Sept. 2 Pride parade. >
Power to Choose program helped health sciences student pick UCalgary for a career >
Two Arts students experience global development work first-hand through international internship >