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Undergrad researches the evolution of Arctic security policies around the world >
Undergrad examines the way in which historical value is assigned to Alberta’s archaeological sites >
Undergrad seeks to map out the emergence of Goth subcultures in Western Canadian urban centres >
Digital arts prof Jean-René Leblanc explores cowboy culture to inform visual art project >
You don’t have to be a grad to discover some of UCalgary’s most imaginative experiences at Alumni Weekend Sept. 7-9, where the only lecture you’ll hear is: Have fun! >
Aritha van Herk among celebrated professors, alumni and donors >
Aritha van Herk explores history, culture and hidden details of Stampede through prose poetry >
Ray family's Stampede performance memorabilia now on display in TFDL >
Conference explores knowledge mobilization benefits and best practices >
Derritt Mason, assistant professor in the Department of English, used new media forms and digital technology in recent graduate seminar called The Virtual Child >
Penny Pexman has been appointed associate vice-president (research), beginning July 1, 2018 >
U Calgary researchers and practitioners like David Hodgkins, Psychology, look at ways to avoid developing problems with use as well as ways to overcome problem use. >
Grad student Kimberlyn Williams researches the role of active social influencers during 2013 disaster in southern Alberta >
Edmond Agopian, professor, School of Creative and Performing Arts, among those honoured at Calgary Awards >
Kaskitémahikan (Black Wolf) reflects on his background and values as his new role begins >