July 11, 2022

Professors published in Alberta Law Review

Professors Anna-Maria Hubert and Gideon Christian have published articles in the latest issue of the Alberta Law Review.

Professor Anna-Maria Hubert has co-authored "The Legal Framework for Carbon Dioxide Removal in Canada" with alumna Chelsea Daku, JD'19, and Neil Craik of the University of Waterloo. The article provides an overview of Canada’s existing legal framework that will apply to various CDR methods as they are developed. It examines the legal framework as it may apply to carbon dioxide removal (CDR) measures collectively (particularly in consideration of how these technologies will be treated in Canada’s broader climate framework), and individually. It aims to take stock of existing federal and provincial rules and assess the potential gaps that will need to begin to be addressed as Canada develops CDR capacities.

Professor Gideon Christian wrote "A 'Century' Overdue: Revisiting the Doctrine of Spoliation in the Age of Electronic Documents," which gives a brief overview of the history of spoliation and criteria required to trigger the need to preserve documents relevant to litigation. Following this overview, the article identifies the issues with the current remedies for spoliation in Canada and points to the advances the United States has made to address this pressing issue. The article concludes with recommendations for further research into spoliation in Canada.