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Co-op Opportunities

Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies

Looking for the CMSS Co-op Opportunities for Employers? 

What are CMSS Co-op opportunities?

During your CMSS Master's degree, combine academic studies with real-world work experience by securing a co-op placement. Students may work in a co-op position for eight months from January to the end of August of their second year. Placements are not guaranteed. 

For students

Why Co-op?

  • Develop professional skills
  • Create networking opportunities
  • Apply knowledge and skills to practical applications
  • Earn an income
  • Possibility of full time employment with your Co-op company upon completion of work term

What does CMSS do during a Co-op placement?

  • Monitor student progress through the work experience and coordinate a half-time review with both student and employer
  • Provides career guidance
  • Searches for relevant, high quality employers
  • Helps students navigate the path to co-op work
  • Works with employers and students to find the best fit 

How to secure a placement

To secure a co-op placement, CMSS students must first meet with the Graduate Program Director within the first term of their degree. With GPD support, the student with identify and approach their preferred organization(s) for a potential internship. CMSS facilitates co-op opportunities by advertising postings as they become available, but it is up to the student to approach and secure their placement.