Co-Op Program

Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies

Looking for the CMSS Co-Op Program for Employers? 

What is the CMSS Co-Op program?

This Master’s level Co-Op Program combines academic studies with real-world work experience. Students take nine, graduate level half credit courses (HCEs) over 18 months within the course-based program, and then work in a co-op position for eight months from January to the end of August of their second year. Placements are not guaranteed.  Those students who do not find a placement will be expected to complete their degree through the course-based program.

For students

Why Co-Op?

  • Develop professional skills
  • Create networking opportunities
  • Apply knowledge and skills to practical applications
  • Earn an income
  • Possibility of full time employment with your Co-Op company upon completion of work term

What does CMSS do during a Co-Op placement?

  • Monitor student progress through the work experience and coordinate a half-time review with both student and employer
  • Provides career guidance
  • Searches for relevant, high quality employers
  • Helps students navigate the path to co-op work
  • Works with employers and students to find the best fit 


Note: This is a general timeline. Depending on the industry, this timeline may adjust to an earlier application timeframe. The Centre will work with students through the different timelines.

At the start of the program

  • All students must complete the non-credit one-week block course at the beginning of the program: STST 603: Military and Strategic Studies: Questions and Methods

First year - fall and winter terms

  • All students must take the following three half courses during their first year
    • POLI 681: Advanced Analysis of International Relations
    • POLI 685: Strategic Studies Advanced Seminar
    • STST 655: Classics of Strategy
  • Students may choose any other six half-courses that are pertinent to their program of studies and may be subject to the approval of the Graduate Program Director.
  • By the end of the winter term of students first year, the program will contact those students who indicated interest in the Co-Op option within the course-based program to see if they still wish to find a co-op position. 

Second year - fall term

  • As a part of the course-based MSS, students participating in the Co-op program will complete 9 HCEs between the fall of their first year and the end of the fall term of their second year.
  • September of the year 2 students will be working on their resumes for applying to the organizations that have indicated to the Centre their interest in hiring.
  • September through to November applications and interviews.

Second year - winter term

  • January 1st of the second year in program the Co-Op term begins.
  • In their Co-op terms, Co-op students will enroll in:
    • STST 601: MSS 1st Term Co-operative Education (Winter Term)
    • STST 602A: MSS 2nd Term Co-operative Education (Spring Term)
    • STST 602B: MSS 2nd Term Co-operative Education (Summer Term)
  • August 31st of the second year in program the Co-Op term ends.