Past research theses

Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies



Data-driven Cyber Prediction in Hybrid Warfare | MSS


  • Post-Somalia Reform in the Canadian Armed Forces: Leadership, Education, and Professional Development | PhD
  • Falling Short: suboptimal outcomes in Canadian defence procurement | PhD
  • ‘What Colour are You?’: FBI Counter-Intelligence and the Targeting of White Hate and Black Extremist Groups in the 1960’s | MSS

2017 - PhD

  • Can We Settle This: The settlements in the occupied territories and U.S. – Israel relations, 1967 - 1981 | PhD
  • Territorial Disputes in the Arctic: Prospects for Conflict and Cooperation | PhD
  • Beyond Delusions of Grand Strategy: A Centrifugal National Security Strategy for Canada | PhD
  • Norm Change and Contestation in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime: The India-US Nuclear Deal | PhD
  • Great Power Politics Among Asante and its Neighbours in the 18th and 19th Centuries: An Offensive Realist Explanation | PhD

2017 - MSS

  • A Canadian Space Odyssey: Canada, the Great Space Powers, and the Space Power Dilemma | MSS
  • Tribal Ways of War: Combat Branch Conceptualizations of Warfare in the United States Army, 1983-1999 | MSS
  • Intelligence Systems Failures in Responding to Threats from Afghanistan | MSS


  • America’s Alleged Intelligence Failure in the Prelude to Operation Iraqi Freedom | PhD
  • Future War for Fun and Profit: Authority, Bureaucracy and Masculinity in Defence Industry Software Development | MSS
  • NATO Infantry Weapons Standardization: Ideal or Possibility? | MSS



  • Street Gangs, Outlaw Bikers, the Mafia and the Mexican Cartels: Dynamics of Transnational Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking in Canada | MSS
  • Manipulating State Failure: Al-Shabaab’s Consolidation of Power in Somalia | MSS
  • Tracing a Line in the Water: China’s Anti-Access/Area-Denial Strategy in the Asia Pacific Region and its Implications for the United States | MSS
  • Trading Secrets: Canada’s Comparative Advantage in Signals Intelligence Sharing, 1947 to Present | MSS


2014 - pt. 1

  • Information Operations in Afghanistan from 2001-2012 | MSS
  • Snake Oil Salesmen: Security under the Guise of Sovereignty in the Canadian Arctic | MSS
  • Ten Principles of Soviet Operational Art: Red Army Operations in Theory and Practice, 1936-1942 | MSS
  • China’s Race towards the Arctic: Interests, Legitimacy, and Canadian Security Implications | MSS
  • Sea-Based Air Power and Maritime Expeditionary Operations: U.K. Limited Naval Capability in the 1982 Falklands War | MSS
  • Atlas Telamon: U.S. Grand Strategy and Terrorism Since 911 | MSS


2014 - pt. 2

  • Canada-U.S. Energy Interdependence and the Keystone Project | MSS
  • Specialization If Necessary, But Not Necessarily Specialization: A Strategy for Canadian  Landpower After Afghanistan | MSS
  • The FTA’s Energy Provisions and Canada’s Oil Export Options | MSS
  • Security Challenges of States Building Crisis in West Africa Since 1955 | PhD 
  • A Contradiction in Will: Understanding China’s Strategic Culture in a Civil-Military Context | MSS
  • Stripes Pips and Crowns: A Preliminary Study of Leader-Follower Relations in the Canadian Expeditionary Force During the First World War, 1914-1918 | MSS


  • What is Past is Prologue: Historical and Organizational Factors in Establishing a Director of the United States Intelligence Community | MSS
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The United States Navy and Mine Warfare in the 21st Century | MSS
  • Captains of Industry Crewing the Ship of State: Dollar-a-Year Men and Industrial Mobilization in WWII Canada, 1939-1942 | MSS
  • The British Empire on the Western Front | PhD
  • A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours | MSS
  • Gender Biases and Armed Conflict | MSS


  • Trading in Conflict: Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility | MSS
  • Spies Wearing Purple Hats: The Use of Social Computing to Improve Information Sharing Inside the United States Intelligence Community | MSS
  • Same Game, Different Rules | PhD 
  • Unification and the Culture of the CF | MSS
  • Friend or Foe? | MSS 
  • The U.S. and Saudi Arabia After the Iraq War | MSS
  • The Primacy of Culture in Smart Power | MSS


  • Water Security: Concepts, Challenges, and the South Saskatchewan River Basin | MSS
  • Strategic Studies and Cyberspace: Iranian Political Unrest on Twitter | MSS
  • Politics vs. Policy: The Role of Northern Politics and Foreign Policy in the 2006 Conservative Election Campaign | MSS
  • The Decline and Fall of Imperialism in Canada | MSS
  • The NSG Waiver for India and Non-proliferation | MSS
  • Ituri: Lessons Learned in Conflict Resolution | MSS
  • The U.S.-Iranian Nuclear Problem | MSS
  • Plan Colombia: Militarizing the War on Drugs | MSS


  • Strategy and the Forces of Group Violence in Africa: The Case of Toto Local Government | PhD 
  • Canada’s Involvement in Peacekeeping Operations: the Essential Role of Intelligence | MSS
  • Blue Water Dragon | MSS
  • Salafi-Jihadist Use of the Internet | MSS


  • What’s on the Agenda? Conceptualizing Threat to National Security | MSS
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection in Canada: Focus on the Energy Sector | MSS
  • Hyper Dragon, Hibernating Beaver | MSS
  • The Application of Humint in Counterterrorism | MSS
  • The Emergence of the Torpedo Boat | MSS 
  • The Evolution of Cooperative Threat Reduction | MSS
  • The Impact of Military Culture and Doctrine | MSS
  • Course 000: Arctic Maritime Enforcement | MSS


  • Canada After 9/11: The Economic Security of Anti-Terrorism and Border Security | MSS
  • Rules for Victory: Analysis of the Malayan Emergency and South Vietnamese Strategic Hamlet Program Using Social Constructivism | MSS
  • Memetics As a Basis For Counterterrorism | MSS
  • Security North American Transportation | MSS 
  • Mozi on Warfare | MSS
  • Respectful Vagueness | MSS
  • Hegemony Over the Heavens: Struggle in Space | PhD 


  • Mind the Gap: How Canada’s Attempt to Bridge the Democracy Gap in Egypt may Endanger its Interests in the Middle East | MSS
  • Training as per Syllabus: Readying the South Saskatchewan Regiment for War, 1939-1944 | MSS
  • Non Jewish Russians in the Israeli Defence Force | MSS
  • Morally Bound: Counter-Terrorism Policy During the Reagan Administration | MSS
  • University Reserves and Canada: The Return of COTC | MSS 
  • On Message | MSS
  • Rapid Conquest Societies: A Comparative Study | MSS

2006 - pt. 1

  • The Will and the Way: The Challenges of Integrating the European Security and Defence Policy | MSS
  • Canadian Naval Shipbuilding: Improving the Effectiveness of the Buy Canadian Policy | MSS
  • Professionally Disconnected: Human Resources Strategic Planning in the CF | MSS
  • Municipal Policy and Counter-Terrorism: Can Intelligence Led Policing Work at the Local Level | MSS
  • Societal Security and the Cultural Integration of Islam in England and France | MSS
  • A New Strategy For Cooperative Resource Management in the South China Sea | MSS

2006 - pt. 2

Terrorism and Mass-Casualty Weapons: The Choice of a New Generation? | MSS

The Art of Occupation: An Analysis of Three Case Studies | MSS

Terrorist Financing Operations in Canada | MSS 

Hill 70 and Lens, the Forgotten Battles: The Canadian Corps in the Summer of 1917 | MSS

Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Innovation | MSS

Threat and Interdependence: NORAD and the Canada-United States Defence Alliance | MSS

The Mukhabarat | MSS


  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: A Case Study of Battalion Effectiveness  in the Battle of Normandy, 25 July 1944 | MSS
  • The (IM) Polite World of Diplomacy: Canadian Arms Sales to Argentina and Other Latin American Countries, 1945-1957 | MSS
  • Balkan Rats and Balkan Bats | PhD
  • The Challenges of Doing Good Work: The Development of Canadian CIMIC Capability and NGO Relations | MSS


  • Strategy 2020 and the Future of DND/CF | MSS
  • Argentine Military Professionalism 20th Century | MSS



  • Rethinking Security: The Lost Decade in U.S.-Colombian Relations 1981-1989 | MSS
  • Blurred Vision: Ethos and the Canadian Forces | PhD
  • Bad Lessons? Training Non Commissioned Members of the Canadian Army Reserve for the Realities of the 21st Century | MSS
  • Uncle Sam’s and Charlemagne’s New Toys: The American RMA Effect on Transatlantic Security | MSS
  • The Paradox of Canada’s Regional Engagement: Rethinking Canadian Defence Strategy in the Asia-Pacific Region | MSS


Reinventing the Looking Glass: Developing a Canadian Foreign Intelligence Service | <SS


  • After Battle, Tighten Your Helmut Strings: The Development of the Imperial Japanese Navy 1875-1905 | MSS