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What is International Indigenous studies?

What is International Indigenous Studies?

International Indigenous Studies is open to students of all backgrounds

Study the strength and vibrancy of Indigenous societies around the world. Our interdisciplinary program draws from many different traditions of inquiry. Explore:

  • literature
  • history
  • political science
  • sociology
  • legal studies
  • linguistics
  • art and art curation
  • anthropology
  • psychology
  • film and more!

Our world is complex and interconnected

You'll have the opportunity for creative thinking on Indigenous issues. Learn alongside Indigenous Elders and knowledge keepers, and from Indigenous and allied scholars, lawyers, social workers, and business owners.

Understand Indigenous peoples’ experiences in the past and present. Imagine different possibilities for living together in the future. Think through key concerns for Indigenous nations. Glean insights on how non-Indigenous peoples can live differently.

Take courses from a range of disciplines

A major in International Indigenous Studies has many diverse and flexible paths to completion.

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