One of the counselling rooms in the Clinic. The space is calm and inviting.

Services for Black Calgarians

at the University of Calgary Psychology Clinic

Our aims

We aim to provide outpatient psychological services to the Calgary community that are affordable and of the highest calibre. Our services are based on the latest scientific research and reflect the highest professional standards of care. All services are confidential and meet the College of Alberta Psychologists Standards of Practice.

Our professional staff also aim to provide excellence in training the next generation of clinical psychologists and to contribute research that helps to advance mental health services. As such, we are invested in continually evaluating our services to optimize care.

Information about Black therapy

Clients will work with a graduate student completing their Ph.D. in clinical psychology, who will be supervised by a Black psychologist. Student therapists will have received training and education on how to work with different cultural groups and how to create a culturally safe and accountable therapy environment for Black clients.  

Services are confidential and information shared between client and therapist is always kept private. Informed consent is a pillar of our practice as a training clinic. 

Potential areas of need that our therapists can provide help with include managing stress, feeling bad/sad, trauma (coping with difficult issues from your past such as violence and abuse), experiences of racism and discrimination, family and relationship problems, work problems, and more. 

As we are a training clinic and tend to offer short-term interventions, we are not able to accept referrals that may require a highly specialized service or more intensive intervention than we can provide. At this time we are unable to accept referrals that include any of the following features:

  • High suicidality or risk of violence
  • Elevated levels of crisis requiring urgent intervention
  • Active, untreated substance use problems
  • Involvement in litigation
  • Current mania
  • Psychosis

We embrace diversity in all its forms, for example, along dimensions of age, race, culture, national origin, religion, sexuality, gender identity, and family composition.


Therapy services for Black Calgarians will be provided free of charge.