Meet with the Canadian Writer-in-Residence to improve your writing

Booking a consultation

Please fill out the form below to book a one-hour consultation with 2022-23 Writer-in-Residence Leah Horlick, who specializes in poetry and prose.  

Manuscript Specifications

  • Prose: excerpts may be no more than 15 double-spaced pages in 12-point font with standard margins.
  • Poetry: excerpts may be no more than 30 double-spaced pages in 12-point font with standard margins. 

Please note that your manuscript excerpt must be submitted a minimum of one week before your appointment. Consultation requests that do not meet these specifications will be asked to resubmit.

Consultation Hours

  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Mountain Time)

Consultations must be booked in advance. If you need to book outside of these hours, we will do our best to accommodate alternate schedules, but cannot guarantee availability.

Consultation Format

This year, consultations will be conducted remotely by phone or Zoom Meeting one-on-one with Leah Horlick.

Please note that due to high demand for consultations with our writers-in-residence, you are entitled to one individual consultation per academic year.


Auto-captions will be enabled for Zoom meetings.

You are welcome to retain a copy of the auto-generated live transcript; however, we ask that you do not redistribute it in full or in part.

Feedback from the Writer-in-Residence retained in the transcript is not to be used in marketing or publication materials without express permission of the writer.

Digital Security and Online Safety

Zoom meetings and phone calls will not be recorded and will remain private. We ask that you extend the same courtesy and refrain from taking screen shots and/or audio and video recordings during consultations. 

The Calgary Distinguished Writers Program retains the right to decline a consultation request at its discretion.


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Potential appointment times
Please select up to three times that, in general, work best for you. Leah Horlick's regular office hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. MT. If you are unable to make these regular hours, please choose "Other."

To select multiple appointment times, hold down CTRL (PC) or ⌘ (Mac) while clicking the times.
Please indicate your preferred remote consultation format: by phone or Zoom Meeting.
Are there accommodations you would like to request that could facilitate your consult?
If necessary, please provide additional scheduling information here. (E.g., upcoming dates where you will not be able to make the times specified above, more information if you're unable to make regular office hours, etc.)
Please upload up to 30 double-spaced pages in 12-point font with standard margins for poetry and up to 15 double-spaced pages in 12-point font with standard margins for prose. A manuscript excerpt is not required to meet with the Writer-in-Residence.
One file only.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: doc, docx.
Please provide any context you would like Leah Horlick to have for your consultation. For example, is this an excerpt or a complete work? What genre is it? Do you have specific concerns about the piece that you would like the Writer-in-Residence to address? What is your idea about? What would you like to discuss? What questions do you have?