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Chinese & East Asian Language Studies degree programs

Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Language Studies

Gain profound knowledge of East Asian cultures. Learn to read, write, speak and listen in Chinese and Japanese. You'll develop advanced skills in one of the two languages, and intermediate skills in the other.

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Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies

Examine the culture, language and history of East Asian civilizations. Develop an understanding of the rich culture and emerging global power of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan. Gain a sensitivity to diversity and interconnectedness. Be able to communicate in either Chinese or Japanese.

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Chinese & East Asian Language Studies minor programs

Minor in Chinese

Complete a minimum of 30 units to a maximum of 36 units in “Chinese Language” and “Chinese Studies” courses.

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Minor in East Asian Studies

Take courses in East Asian languages, history, religion, philosophy and cultures, as well as geography, politics, anthropology and archaeology of East Asian countries.

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