Assessment and placement

Assessment and placement

Students with a background in Japanese should consult with the program so that they can be placed in language courses corresponding to their ability. Native speakers are not eligible to take language courses but are eligible to take Japanese literature and culture courses such as JPNS 317, 341 and 461. In case of doubt, the student should seek the advice of the School.

Permission to register or remain in a particular language course can be refused if the School deems that the students' knowledge exceeds the level of that course. Students are advised that misrepresenting their level of knowledge in the language of the course constitutes academic dishonesty and will be dealt with as such.

Credit by special assessment

Students seeking credit by special assessment should consult with the School regarding courses available for credit in this manner. Native speakers are not eligible to take language courses by special assessment or to receive advanced credit for them.

Language proficiency test

Get certified as a proficient speaker of Japanese.