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Does Netflix's Avatar prove that good live-action adaptations are impossible?

Japanese program: Great semester kick-off with many events

It has been a very busy but fruitful semester for everyone in the Japanese program. Back in October, we held many inetersting events, “Meet and Greet” to meet up with other fellow Japanese major students, “Tea tasting with JET” to learn about the Japanese tea culture and the JET(Japan Exchange and Teaching) Programme, “Professor Xiao Jie Yang Memorial Lecture” to celebrate his life work, and “Kimono 101” to learn about the Japanese kimono culture.

SLLLC Student Wins Special Prize at National Japanese Speech Contest

SLLLC Student Jessie Zheng accepted the Special Prize at the 34th National Japanese Speech Contest

Think Ink 9 - Calligraphy Event

At the University of Calgary, the Japanese Department has always focused on expanding its experience to reflect Japanese culture more thoroughly. The department tries to present students with diverse cultural backgrounds as global cultures grow more interconnected.

University of Calgary's Ghadeer Mahdi and Luna McDonald take first place in this year's National Japanese Speech Contest

33rd National Japanese Speech Contest held in Edmonton, Saturday, March 26, 2022

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