Recent MA Graduates

Department of Sociology


Baum, Dixie

Reframing Emotional Labour: A Mixed Methods Study of Animal Health Technologist

Supervisor: Dr. Jean Wallace

Kokaritis, Lindsey

Social Media and Safe Spaces: A Mixed Methods Study on Identity Formation for LGBTQ+ Albertans 

Supervisor: Dr. Ted McCoy


Link, Claire

“We are bridging that gap”: Insights from Indigenous Hospital Liaisons for Improving Health Care for Indigenous Patients in Alberta 

Supervisor: Dr. Cora Voyageur


Saheb Javaher, Negin

Under the Neoliberal Blanket: Maternal Strategies in the Resettlement of Yazidi Refugees in Calgary

Supervisor:  Dr. P. Banerjee

Seeger, Chanin

Debating Police Body Worn Cameras: Legitimacy, Surveillance and Power in U.S. Media

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Adorjan

Stefulic, Daniel

How Mental Health Care Workers Meet Client Needs for Care in Organizational Contexts 

Supervisor:  Dr. A. Ducey

Van Dyke, Jessica

Harm Reduction in Canadian Health Care: A Qualitative Study of Caring and Compassion in a Supervised Consumption Clinic

Supervisor:  Dr. A. Ducey


Clifford, Alicia

'They call it a healing lodge, but where is the healing?': Indigenous women, identity, and incarceration programming.

Supervisor:  Dr. R. Henry

Davis, Amanda

Job Control in Professional Practice: A Study on the Implications for Well-Being 

Supervisor:  Dr. J. Wallace

Skidmore, Olivia

Residential Fire in Calgary: A Theoretical Consideration 

Supervisor:  Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Trottier, Brody

Environmental Risk and Ideology: The critical theory of the Frankfurt School and Ulrich Beck.

Supervisor:  Dr. D. Curran


Anton, J. Wyatt

Moccasin Tracks: Reading the Narrative in Traditional Indigenous Craftwork 

Supervisor:  Dr. C. Voyageur

Cantlay, Stephanie

Comparing Perceptions of Policing in Canada 

Supervisor:  Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Kruger, Reiss

MacIntyre and Habermas: A Proposed "Traditions of Enquiry" -Theoretic Turn Within Sociological Theory 

Supervisor:  Dr. D. Curran

Salt, Val

An Exploration of Incivility in a Homeless Shelter as Identified by Frontline Staff 

Supervisor:  Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot


Boateng, Salome

Physical Demands and Health Risks in a Professional Occupation: An Analysis of the Implications for Mental Health

Supervisor:  Dr. J. Wallace

Doherty, Tiffany

The Presentation of Self in 'Online' Life: A Content Analysis of Instagram Profiles

Supervisor:  Dr. F. Nelson

Leavitt, Kendra

Community Organizations and the Construction of At-Risk Youth

Supervisor:  Dr. M. Adorjan

Lewis, Stefan

Black African and Caribbean Youth Inclusion Practices: The Role of Hip-hop

Supervisor:  Dr. A. Madibbo

Ting, Joseph

Skepticism in Different Atmospheres: A Cross-country Analysis of the Social and Political Causes of Climate Change Skepticism

Supervisor:  Dr. T. Langford


Goodbrand, Pernille

Unauthorized Secondary Suites: An Analysis of the Renter's Perspective

Supervisor:  Dr. H. Hiller

Kembel, Lorena

Perceptions of Risk and Coping Mechanisms Among Victims of Domestic Violence

Supervisor:  Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Wall, Laurent

Living in an Artistic Labour Market: The Experiences of Gig Musicians in Calgary

Supervisor:  Dr. L. McCoy

Wang, Lucy

Collaborative Policing: A Case Study of the Red Deer Domestic Violence Collaborative Court Program

Supervisor:  Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot


Arguera, Nahum

Research Analyst, Taylor Research Institute for Teaching and Learning, University of Calgary
The Effects of School Work Pressure on Depression and Substance Use: A Cross-National Study of School Aged Children in Canada and Finland

Supervisor:  Dr. J. Godley

Hoang, Michael

Going Legit: An Exploration of Formerly Gang Involved Asian Males

Supervisor:  Dr. M. Adorjan

Obeng-Akrofi, Animwaa

The Challenges of African Immigrants' Entrepreneurship in Canada:  A Case Study of African Immigrants Residing in Calgary

Supervisor:  Dr. A. Madibbo


Hansen, Brian

"Spitting Glitter": An Exploration of Gay Men's Socially Contextualized Performances of "Gay"

Supervisor:  Dr. F. Nelson

Hincks, Crystal

In Pursuit of the Golden Mean: Experiences of Front Line Workers in the Mental Health System

Supervisor:  Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Kapell, Brandi

Mothers by Choice, Single by Chance: A Qualitative Exploration of Becoming a Single Mother through the use of Medically Assisted Donor Insemination

Supervisor:  Dr. F. Nelson

Nikoo, Shoghi

Decision Making in Practice: Surgical Actionability and Consent in Pelvic Floor Medicine 

Supervisor:  Dr. A. Ducey

Plottel, Marcus

Risk and Reward: An Exploratory Study of Backcountry Snowboarders

Supervisor:  Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Vermeylen, Laurie

Barbies by the Book: A Qualitative Exploration of Parenting Advice Literature

Supervisor:  Dr. G. Ranson


Blades, Kenneth

Dwelling Together: Aesthetic Practice in the Family Home

Supervisor:  Dr. L. McCoy

Cullingham, Carol

New Mothers' Networks in the Canadian Context: A Combined Methods Investigation into the Characteristics, Function, and Dynamics of First Time Mothers' Social Networks

Supervisor:  Dr. J. Godley

Higgins, Benjamin R.

Exploring Relationships Between Socio-Economic Status and the Health Correlates of Excess Weigh Among Canadians

Supervisor:  Dr. J. Godley

Schuetz, Sonja

Representations and Experiences of HIV-positive Women on the Journey to Motherhood in Canada

Supervisor:  Dr. G. Ranson


Dixit, Jaya

Expert Appetite

Supervisor:  Dr. L. McCoy

Gerber, Brittany

Horses, Entertainment and Sport

Supervisor:  Dr. K. Young

Heron, Amanda

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Children's Time Use in Calgary 

Supervisor:  Dr. G. Ranson

Huizinga, Anne

Office Manager, Beltline Communities
The Sociological Implications of Building Up

Supervisor:  Dr. H. Hiller 

Kelly, Jeanine

Researcher, Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research
A 'Controversial' Decision

Supervisor:  Dr. A. Ducey

Louie, Christine

Legal Change Through a Charter Challenge

Supervisor:  Dr. A. Brannigan 

Lovell, Kerry

Who are You? Ethnic Identity in Canada

Supervisor:  Dr. J. Frideres 

McEwen, Krista

The Embodied Work of Professional Dancers: Understandings of Pain, Injury and Health

Supervisor: Dr. K. Young

McGeachy, Emma

Casting Doubt?  An Exploration of Newsprint Representations of Sexual Assault

Supervisor: Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Nerlien, Tamara

Specialization Among High-Risk Offenders

Supervisor: Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Polachek, Alicia

Research Associate, Ward of the 21st Century, Faculty of Medicine
Gender and the Division of Household Labour

Supervisor:  Dr. J. Wallace


Barron, Gary

Ph.D Student, University of Alberta
Dangerous Balancing Acts: The Politics and Ethics of the Alberta Mental Health Act

Supervisor: Dr. A. Ducey

Couture, Josee

The Casino Problem: Media Constructions of First Nations Gaming in Alberta

Supervisor: Dr. C. Voyageur

Henwood, Scott

Instructor, Bow Valley College
Making Casinos Happen:  an Exploration of Nonprofit Participation in Alberta Casino Gambling.

Supervisor: Dr. L. McCoy

Kamal, Ali

The Rise of Contemporary Islamic Fundamentalism and its Causes: Case Study of Sudan and Pakistan.

Supervisor: Dr. A. Madibbo

Kerluke, Brittni

Foundation Coordinator - Trico Charitable Foundation
If You Hunt Good Enough You'll Find It: The Well-being of Urban Aboriginal Seniors in the Calgary Region.

Supervisor: Dr. C. Voyageur

McKeown, Donald

More Than Just a Game?  A Subcultural Journey through the 'Sport' of Rock Paper Scissors.

Supervisor: Dr. K. Young

Sommerfeld, Caroline

Consultant, Sitka Management Consultants
Factors in the Development of a Sense of Belonging to Country:  A Comparison of Canadian and Australian Immigrants.

Supervisor: Dr. L. Wong

Soveran, Leah

Empowerment and Conformity:  An Ethnography of a Bridge-to-Work Program for Immigrant Women

Supervisor: Dr. L. McCoy

Wong, Holly

Community Outreach Worker, Elizabeth Fry Society
Becoming a Mother in Prison and Beyond: An Alternative to the Mother-Child Program 

Supervisor: Dr. G. Ranson


Budd, Jamie

Is There Enough?  Managing Family Finances and the Experience of Financial Strain in Middle-Income Families.

Supervisor: Dr. A. Gauthier

Manji, Raheela

The Ineffectiveness of Employment Equity Programs in Canada

Supervisor: Dr. A. Madibbo

Rinquist, Lena

Comfortable Risk:  An Analysis of the Gambling Participation of Older Women

Supervisor: Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Romano, Silvana

Selling Innocence:  A Sociological Analysis of Internet Child Pornography and Internet Luring

Supervisor: Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Turley, Nate

The Face of Privacy:  An Exploratory Study of Young and Older Facebook Users

Supervisor: Dr. J. Manzo

Zajko, Michael

Ph.D. Student, University of Alberta
Contested Sceince in Global Warming

Supervisor: Dr. A. Brannigan


Burk, Alison

Administrative Assistant, Office of the Provost, University of Calgary
Caring on the Job: Emotional labour, Gender and the Work of Long-Term Care Aides.

Supervisor: Dr. G. Ranson

de Grood, Jill

Research Associate, Ward of the 21st Century, Foothills Medical Centre
In Sickness and in Health: A Test of Karasek's Job Demand-Control-Support Model

Supervisor: Dr. J. Wallace

DeGusti, Berenice

Work-to-Family and Work-to-Parent Conflict: A Study of Male and Female Lawyers' Demands and Resources

Supervisor: Dr. J. Wallace

Harrison, Emily

Project Manager, Foreign Credential Recognition of the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council in Ottawa
Policy to Practice: Challenging Perceptions of Canadian Refugee Doctrine

Supervisor: Dr. L. Wong

Kwawu, Yvonne

Remittances from Ghanaian Immigrants in Calgary: Stories from Afar

Supervisor: Dr. L. Wong

Nwankwo, Chinelo

Analyst Statistics Canada
Does Racial Identity Matter? Exploring Implications for Educational Attainment Among Second Generation Black Canadians of Caribbean Descent

Supervisor: Dr. L. Wong

Talbot, Stephanie

Making the Cut: Male Circumcision: HIV/AIDS Prevention, and the Production of a Scientific Fact

Supervisor: Dr. A. Ducey


Brown, Angela

Harry Potter and the Gender Structure: Exploring Gender in 'The Goblet of Fire'

Supervisor: Dr. R. Stebbins

Luft, Christine

Research Analyst, Malatest & Associates
Meeting Online Friends: Personal Relationships in the 21st Century

Supervisor: Dr. R. Stebbins

Potts, Jesse

Research Quality Analyst, SQM, Kelowna
Imitation and Authenticity:  An Analysis of Aboriginal Rap Music in Alberta

Supervisor: Dr. J. Manzo

Quinlan, Andrea

Assembling Legal Truths: DNA and the Enactment of Rape Case Evidence

Supervisor: Dr. A. Frank


Babich, Kristina

Ph.D Student, University of Saskatchewan
The Dividend Canadian Welfare State: Turning Points in the Development of the Canada Pension Plan (1951-1965)

Supervisor: Dr. D. Béland

Carter, Rebecca

Research and Evaluation Consultant, Health Systems and Workforce Research Unit, Alberta Health Services (Calgary Zone)
The Clients of Street Prostitutes: Common Men or Criminals? Evidence of Two Distinct Behavioural Clusters in the Client Population

Supervisor: Dr. A. Brannigan

Egan, Amy

Senior Research Manager, Vision Critical
Dressing Up Terrorism: A Media Analysis of Women's Involvement in Terrorism

Supervisor: Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Esselmont, Christopher

Ph.D. Student, University of Calgary
An Empirical Test of Self-Control and Psychology in the Explanation of Self-Reported Crime: Evidence from the Add Health Survey

Supervisor: Dr. A. Brannigan

Kaye, Julie

Ph.D. Student, Sociology, University of Saskatchewan, Coordinator: Action Coalition on Human Trafficking (ACT Alberta), Calgary
The Politics of Ethnicity in West Africa: Conflict and Reconstruction in Northern Ghana

Supervisor: Dr. D. Béland

Knott, Crystal

Battered But Not Broken: Exploring Aboriginal Women & Intimate Partner Abuse

Supervisor: Dr. J. Frideres

Lindholm, Lark

Teaching Enhancement Program (TEP instructor), Teaching & Learning Centre, University of Calgary
A Sense of Community: Volunteers in Community-Justice Partnerships

Supervisor: Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Pow, Jody

Strain and Intimate Partner Violence

Supervisor: Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Young, Marissa

Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Sociology, University of Toronto
Gender and Productivity: A Study of Law Firm Lawyers

Supervisor: Dr. J. Wallace