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In the News: SAGE journals

Socially Distant? Social Network Confidants, Loneliness, and Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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In the News: Oxford Academic

Nejatinamini S, Godley J, Minaker LM, Sajobi TT, McCormack GR, Cooke MJ, Nykiforuk CIJ, de Koning L, & Olstad, DL. (2021). Quantifying the contribution of modifiable risk factors to socio-economic inequities in cancer morbidity and mortality: a nationally

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In the News: Alex Bierman, ScienceDirect

Alex Bierman, Laura Upenieks, Paul Glavin, Scott Schieman, Accumulation of economic hardship and health during the COVID-19 pandemic: Social causation or selection?, Social Science & Medicine, Volume 275, 2021

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In the News: Lightman, Wiley Online Library

Lightman, Naomi, Banerjee, Rupa, Tungohan, Ethel, de Leon, Conely and Kelly, Philip. “An intersectional pathway penalty: Filipina immigrant women inside and outside Canada’s Live‐In Caregiver Program.” International Migration.

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