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In the News: Social Politics

Lightman, Naomi. (2020). "Comparing Care Regimes: Worker Characteristics and Wage Penalties in the Global Care Chain.” Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society.

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In the News: Springer

Brainer, Amy, Mignon Moore, and Pallavi Banerjee. (2020) “Race and ethnicity in the lives of sexual minority parents and their children: Perspectives from North America and Beyond.” in LGBT-Parent Families: Innovations in Research and Implications for P

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In the News: BMJ Open

Aktary ML, Caron-Roy S, Sajobi T, O'Hara H, Leblanc P, Dunn S, McCormack GRM, Timmins D, Ball K, Downs S, Minaker LM, Nykiforuk CIJ, Godley J, Milaney K, Lashewicz B, Fournier B, Elliott C, Raine KD, Prouse RJL, and Olstad, DL. "

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In the News: Gender and Society

Kristen Myers and Pallavi Banerjee, Invited Blog for Gender and Society Blog, Benefits of Peer Reviewing in Academia. March 11, 2020.

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