We living in a period of radical change and we need to understand how social change affects us.

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What is Sociology?

Sociologists study the ways in which social structures, social processes and cultural products constrain and enable human behavior.  Some focus on face-to-face interaction in everyday life using biographies, narratives and life stories to explore issues of self-identity, trust, risk and embodied aspects of the self.  Other sociologists explore the relationship between social processes and individual lives by studying the institutionalized aspects of social life. 

Degrees offered

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BA in Sociology
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BA Honours in Sociology
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Minor in Sociology
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Why Sociology?

Challenging old ideas

Exploring social life, from face-to-face interactions to global social processes increases our understanding of our own society. Through sociology, we can challenge assumptions about the social world, understand social phenomena from varying perspectives and develop our appreciation of diversity.

Building a better future

We have a voice and the ability to change our society and the awareness of social complexities. We can use insights to understand why structured inequalities, discrimination and persistent poverty are so difficult to eliminate. This knowledge can help in shaping the path for a better world.


The Honours program will provide you an opportunity to study intensively in a sub-discipline that they find compelling. It offers students with above average ability a challenging and invigorating learning environment that exposes them to the demands of rigorous intellectual research.

Co-op program

This program combines 4-8 month work terms with your undergraduate studies in Sociology. Co-op is a great way for you to gain work experience before you graduate, and gain valuable contacts in your industry of choice.

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