Recent PhD Graduates

Department of Sociology


Chaisson, Kristen Ph.D.

Examining the World Health Organization’s Governance and Response to Noncommunicable Diseases: A Foucauldian Analysis.

Supervisor: Dr. A. Ducey


Claussen, Caroline Ph.D.

The WiseGuyz program and gender transformative change: Playing the long game

Supervisor: Dr. F. Nelson

Konnikov, Alla Ph.D.

Gender, International Training and Ethnic Visibility: An Intersectional Approach to Studying Engineers in Canada

Supervisor: Dr. E. J. Wallace

Robles Bastida, Nazario Ph.D.

Beyond Subcultural Community: A Sociological Analysis of Japanese Animation Fans and Fandoms

Supervisor: Dr. K. Young and Dr. S. McLean


Field, Diane Ph.D.

Achieving Publicly Funded Midwifery in Alberta: A Case Study of the Changing Nature of Midwifery Work 

Supervisor: Dr. T. Langford and Dr. A. Ducey


Humphrey, Tamara Ph.D.

An Exploration of Persistence and Desistance in Offending: Accumulating Disadvantage?

Supervisor: Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Ponto, Jason Ph.D.

Cycling through Intersections: Regimes of Velomobility in Calgary and Amsterdam

Supervisor: Dr. A. Ducey and Dr. B. Miller

Zaami, Mariama Ph.D.

Experiences of Social Exclusion and Inclusion among Black African Immigrant Youth in Calgary, Alberta

Supervisor: Dr. A. Madibbo


Bailey, Monetta Ph.D.

Achieving Restorative Justice in the Extra-Judicial Sanctions Program: Working with Racialized Immigrant Youth

Supervisor: Dr. L. Wong

Esselmont, Christopher Ph.D.

Are Bullying and Crime Distinct Phenomena? How Criminology Can Inform Research on Bullying

Supervisor: Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Litviniuc, Ana Ph.D.

Multiculturalism is Dead, Long Live Nationalism: The Identitarian Projects of the Centre Right and the Far Right in Great Britain, France and Germany

Supervisor: Dr. L. Wong

Mikita, Kiara Ph.D.

Talk About [Men's Perpetration of] Sexual Assault [Against Women]

Supervisor: Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Sonpal-Valias, Nilima Ph.D.

Paradoxes in Paradise: Neoliberalism in Alberta's Developmental Disability Field

Supervisor: Dr. T. Langford


Desjarlais-de Klerk, Kirsten Ph.D.

Supportive Transitions and Health: A mixed Methods Study of Formerly Homeless Persons and Street Exits

Supervisor: Dr. J. Wallace

Thilly, Patty Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Wilson Centre, University of Toronto/University Hospital Network
The Imperatives of Health and Weight in Primary Care Clinics: Current and Envisioned Practices 

Supervisors: Dr. A. Frank and Dr. L. McCoy


Atwood, Kristen Ph.D.

Maintaining "The Family" during deployment: Presence work by military families. 

Supervisor: Dr. G. Ranson

Berenson, Carol Ph.D.

Educational Development Consultant, Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, University of Calgary
Pondering Periods: Young women talk about menstruation in the age of menstrual suppression

Supervisor: Dr. L. McCoy

Gondek, Jyoti Ph.D.

Director, Westman Centre, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary
Pressures of Hybridity: an Analysis of the Urban-Rural Nexus

Supervisor: Dr. H. Hiller

Hira-Friesen, Parv Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Sociology, University of Saskatchewan
Precarious Work and the Economic Integration of Immigrants to Canada

Supervisor: Dr. R. Wanner

Kofman, Michal Ph.D.

Citizenship and State Power in Cuba -  Legal Practices and Socialist Education After the "Special Period"

Supervisor: Dr. T. Langford

Parsons Leigh, Jeanna Ph.D.

Assistant Scientific Director, Critical Care Strategic Network, Alberta Health Services
Immigration, Work and Family Life: Exploring the Settlement Experiences of Skilled Immigrants and Their Families

Supervisor: Dr. L. McCoy

Victorino, Charlemaigne Ph.D.

The Determinants of Childhood Injury

Supervisors: Dr. A. Gauthier & Dr. D. Johnson


Ranu, Koyel Ph.D.

Mapping the Social Participation of South Asians and mainstream/Dominant Canadians: A Comparative Study 

Supervisor: Dr. L. Wong

Tezli, Annette Ph.D.

Instructor, University of Calgary
Captain of the Ship, Not Master of the Sea: The Social Organization of Service Delivery to Sheltered Hompless Families

Supervisor: Dr. L. McCoy


Gish, Jessica Ph.D.

Instructor, Department of Health, Aging & Society, McMaster University
Making Anti-Aging Cosmetic Enhancement Happen:  Empirical Stories about Patient Desire, Objects, and the Working Practices of the Medical Cosmetic Enhancement Actor-Network.

Supervisor: Dr. A. Frank


Jovanovic, Alyssa Ph.D.

Clinical Quality Improvement Consultant, Alberta Health Services, Calgary Alberta
Spousal Support for Physicians: do Occupational Similarity, Gender or Parental Status Matter? 

Supervisor: Dr. J. Wallace

Rahman, Zia Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Sociology, Dhaka University, Bangladesh 
Labour Unions and Labour Movements in the Readymade Garment Industry in Bangladesh in the Era of Globalization (1980-2009)

Supervisor: Dr. T. Langford

Rollwagen, Heather Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Ryerson University, Toronto
Safe Places and Friendy Faces:  The Social Ecology of Perceptions of Crime and Social Control in Canadian Neighbourhoods.

Supervisor: Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot


Ambrose, Michelle Ph.D.

Qualitative Research Specialist, Michelle Ambrose Consulting
Voluntary Simplicity As An Urban Lifestyle:  Resisting A Consumer Economy.

Supervisor: Dr. R. Stebbins

Dumas, Steve Ph.D.

Instructor, University of Calgary
Reading the Play:  Interpreting Deviance in North American Ice Hockey

Supervisor: Dr. K Young

O'Connor, Christopher Ph.D.

University of Wisconsin, Superior
Young People in Fort McMurray:  An Examinations of Youth Transition

Supervisor: Dr. G. Ranson


Fogel, Curtis Ph.D.

LakeHead University, Orillia Campus, Ontario
Discerning Consent on the Gridiron: Violence Hazing and Performance-Enhancing Drug Use in Canadian Football

Supervisor: Dr. R. Stebbins

Godderis, Rebecca Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus, Ontario
Managing Mad Mothers: Postpartum Depression and the Psychiatric Gaze

Supervisor: Dr. L. McCoy

Lahtinen, Markus Ph.D.

Health Care Quality Analyst at the Health Quality Council of Alberta
Psychosocial Stress and Major Depression: A Comparative Analysis of Canadian Armed Forces Personnel and Members of the General Canadian Population

Supervisor: Dr. R. Wanner


Silverberg, Shane

Ph.D. RBC Securities, London, Ontario
Employee Perceptuions and Organizational Commitment: An Exploratory Study

Supervisor: Dr. R. Stebbins


Keown, Leslie-Anne Ph.D.

Research Data Center Hdqtrs, Ottawa
Personal Crime Preventions in Canada (1993-2004): An Exploration 

Supervisor: Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot

Laliberte, Ronald Ph.D.

Associate Professor Department of Native Studies, University of Saskatchewan
Why Move Aboriginal Labour In and Then Out? The Transition of Migrant Labour from Aboriginal to Mexican Workers in Southern Alberta's Sugar Beet Industry.

Supervisor: Dr. T. Langford

Laurendeau, Jason Ph.D.

Department of Sociology, University of Lethbridge
"In Defense of Mother Earth": A Radical Environmentalism, Moral Regulations, and Ecotage

Supervisor: Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot