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Job Market Candidates

MA and PhD Graduates on the job market

PhD Candidates

Zahra Espanani

Zahra Espanani

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Research Interests: Labor Economics, Immigration Economics, Economic Inequality

Job Market Paper: The Effect of Easing Permanent Residency on Immigrants’ Economic Assimilation: Evidence from Canada

References: Dr. Atsuko Tanaka, Dr. Aamir Hashmi, Dr. Leonard Goff

Shukang Xiao

Shukang Xiao

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Research Interests: Development Economics, Family Economics, and Political Economy

Job Market Paper: Controversial Expropriation: The Effect of Land Compensation Changes on Civil Unrest in China

References: Dr. Benjamin Crost, Dr. Stefan Staubli, Dr. Arvind Magesan

Wenshuang Yu

Wenshuang Yu

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Research Interests: International Trade, Applied Econometrics, Demographic Economics

Job Market Paper: Access to High-Income Countries and Product Innovation: Evidence from China

References: Dr. Arvind Magesan, Dr. Trevor Tombe, Dr. Jean-William Laliberte, Dr. Lindsay Tedds


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