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Job Market Candidates

MA and PhD Graduates on the job market

PhD Candidates

Arthur Novaes De Amorim

Arthur Novaes De Amorim

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Research Interests: Applied Econometrics, Labor Economics, Environmental Economics

Job Market Paper: Agricultural Change in the United States: Evidence from the Golden Age of Radio

References: Dr. Alexander Whalley, Dr. Lucija Muehlenbachs, Dr. Jean-William Laliberté

Felix Fosu

Felix Fosu

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Research Interests: International trade, Applied Econometrics and Environmental Economics

Job Market Paper: Trade Policy Risk, Firms’ Organizational Structure and the Form

of International Trade

References: Dr. Trevor Tombe, Dr. M. Scott Taylor, Dr. Eugene Beaulieu

Fulmyk headshot

Wojciech Fulmyk


Research Interests: Applied Econometrics, Health Economics, Political Economics

Job Market Paper: The Causal Effect of the Sheriff’s Party on Social Distancing,COVID-19 Cases, and Deaths in the US

References: Dr. Lucija Muehlenbachs, Dr. Arvind Magesan, Dr. Lucia Vojtassak


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