Gabriele Roccella

Gabriele Roccella

Pronouns: he/him/his


Contact information


Educational Background

BA Classics, Università di Palermo,

MA Classical Philology, Literature, and Tradition, Università di Bologna,

Diploma Palaeography, Archival Sciences, Diplomatics, Archivio di Stato di Bologna,

Diploma Piano Performance, Music History, Harmony, Solfeggio, Conservatorio di Stato di Palermo,


Areas of Research

Mythology, Ancient Greek Language and Literature, Latin Language and Literature, Sanskrit Language and Literature, Historical Linguistics, Indo-European Studies, Comparative Mythology, History of Religions


Course number Course title Semester
GRST 209 Classical Mythology Spring 2020
LATI 201 Latin I Fall 2021
LATI 203 Latin II Winter 2022
RELS 205 Religion and the Good Life Summer 2022


  • Cenni storici sui Monti frumentari. Gabriele Roccella. Battista Antonelli e il monte frumentario di Gatteo. 8-9. (2016)
  • Inventario del fondo archivistico” and “Nota biografica e bibliografica di Ida Gianelli". Gabriele Roccella and Monica Di Rosa. L’arte declinata al femminile. La biblioteca di Ida Gianelli. 141-169. (2014)
  • A Contest for the Control of Ideological Space in Ovid’s Metamorphoses XI 146 – 194: Apollo/Augustus, Pan, and an Allegory of the Romanization of Hellenistic Lydia. Gabriele Roccella. Proceedings of the Conference "Naming and Mapping the Gods in the Ancient Mediterranean. Spaces, Mobilities, Imaginaries" organized by the ERC Project MAP (Toulouse, France). (2022)