A young Sikh man walks down stairs carrying a laptop. He wears a turban and he is looking towards the camera and smiling.

Expanding Sikh Studies

 at the University of Calgary

Your support is taking us further

You’ve helped us to set the groundwork to create a robust Sikh Studies program and make UCalgary the place to take courses and learn about Sikh Studies.

What is Sikh Studies?

Sikh Studies is the study of the Sikh tradition, culture and thought and the application of that understanding in a global context.

Sikhism is the 5th largest world religion. There are between 600,000 and 1 million Sikhs currently in Canada, the largest Sikh community outside India.

Born within a multicultural context, the Sikh tradition can teach us much about pluralism, equity, embracing difference, care and compassion for others through Oneness.

Why Sikh Studies at UCalgary?

Sikh Studies is a young field, and by joining with the community at this time there is an excellent opportunity to help shape it.

By building this position through collaboration and partnership with Calgary’s Sikh community, the University of Calgary seeks to create a uniquely positive, productive, and innovative approach to fostering contributions to address the most pressing locally and globally relevant issues through avenues within the Sikh tradition.

Members of the Sikh Students' Association showcase a Sikh Wedding for Sikh Awareness week at the University of Calgary. They are wearing dress clothes and ghaghra, or traditional Punjabi wear

Members of the Sikh Students' Association showcase a Sikh Wedding for Sikh Awareness week at UCalgary

UCalgary Sikh Students Association

Where we're going next

  • Hiring a full-time instructor
  • Expanding current course offerings by adding senior level courses that focus on Sikh thought in practice
  • Developing and expanding connections with the Sikh community in Alberta

How you can help

The exceptional results this Giving Day have accelerated us along our goal to make an even more substantial and long-term impact!

We are grateful to be able to continue on this journey toward permanency of Sikh Studies at UCalgary with you.

For more information on how you can help, please contact

Concetta Sonnenberg
Direct of Development

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