July 10, 2023

Dr. Craig Ginn honoured at the 2023 Métis Recognition Awards

UCalgary Classics & Religion professor receives inaugural excellence in the arts award

Dr. Craig Ginn, a talented artist-scholar and advocate for the Métis community, is the recipient of the inaugural Excellence in the Arts Award. With a background in Religious Studies and a proud Métis identity, Dr. Ginn has combined his scholarly background and artistic talents to uplift the voices of the Métis people. His Songs of Justice Project, which features powerful songs and videos addressing the persecution of the Métis, has resonated deeply with audiences, inviting them to confront the hard truths and injustices faced by the Métis community throughout history and in contemporary society. Dr. Ginn's work demonstrates his devotion to serving the needs of the Métis community and his commitment to educating others about Métis perspectives. As a humble and generous colleague, Dr. Ginn's artistic expressions hold the potential for healing within the Métis community and beyond. Through his accomplishments and dedication, he exemplifies the best of what the Métis people can be when they work towards the collective betterment of their nation and community. 

The Métis Recognition awards, held on June 17, honoured outstanding individuals from various fields, including entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, volunteers, and professionals, who have positively impacted the Métis community. The ceremony was held to inspire others to pursue their dreams by acknowledging the accomplishments of these remarkable individuals.