Wood and metal workshops

in the Department of Art

The Workshops are maker spaces where the Department of Art’s students and personnel can go for technical consultations, training and practice. The services are centred on a fully-equipped woodshop and tool-room, a metal shop with resources for a broad range of metal-working processes, and a foundry set up for investment and sand casting of bronze and aluminum. The facilities also include a CNC router for wood and plastics, FDM 3D printers, a CO2 laser engraver, a spray room and spaces for ceramics, wax, plaster and cement work.

Workshop Safety Information

Please use the links below to read the Safety Orientation document to familiarize yourself of with the safety procedures of all workshop areas. And test your safety knowledge with the Safety Orientation Questionnaire 

Stretcher Building

Are you interested in building stretchers in the woodshop? Check out the links below

Pricing List

Use the link below to access the PDF for the Shop Price List 

Technician Steve Nunoda in the workshops