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Thesis-based program

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Thesis-based program

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What is thesis-based study?

Pursue independent research guided by a supervisor who shares your research interests. If you want to advance your knowledge or expand your expertise in a specific field or research area, our thesis-based programs are for you.

What is course-based study?

Equally ideal for those planning to continue in higher education or seeking to advance their careers off campus, our course-based programs offers a combination of collegial seminars and independent research in a concentrated, twelve-month program.

What is a supervisor?

A supervisor is a faculty member who oversees your research and the development of your thesis.

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Recent Publications by Frank W. Stahnisch

Professor Stahnisch has been author/editor of numerous publications over the past several years. A selection follows below....

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UCalgary History PhD focuses on understanding the impact of conservative Christian leaders on Newfoundland and Labrador schools and society and the history of church-state relations in British settler colonies.

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Policing the Protectorate: The Role and Development of the Police in Colonial Botswana, 1885-1975.

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In the News: The Gauntlet

Department of History creates new embedded certificate in Canadian Studies

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