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The Department of History

Why study history?

The world around us right now is the product of history.

Tracing the turning points and individual actions that built the present helps make sense of the world around us and points to ways that we can make a difference in the future.

History students develop practical, marketable skills that transfer into a wide range of workplaces. 

Our classes focus on how to:

  • find and make sense of data ;
  • apply critical thinking to that information;
  • and effectively communicate an analysis to a broad audience.

Research, analysis and communication are in-demand skills.

Your history degree applies to a career in education, business, journalism, government, law and the non-profit sector.

For more information about career opportunities, see: What Can I Do with My History Degree? and our Alumni page.

Featured news

Dr. Stephen James Randall named to the Order of Canada

Professor Emeritus of the Department of History and former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences is among the 83 recipients of this year's Order of Canada

History students present research at Canadian Historical Association

Two UCalgary History students were among the presenters at the Canadian Historical Association's annual general meeting, June 17-19, 2024.

Welcome, Tom Horton

Mitacs research intern from the United Kingdom

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