Dr. Lindsay Amundsen-Meyer

Dr. Lindsay Amundsen-Meyer, Ph.D.


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Dr. Lindsay Amundsen-Meyer has more than 15 years of experience working with heritage resources in Western Canada, in the academic, cultural resource management and government sectors. Her expertise lies in the archaeology of the Canadian Plains and adjacent Rocky Mountains, landscape archaeology, spatial analysis, and Indigenous/decolonizing archaeological approaches. Lindsay has directed and managed several large excavation programs in southern Alberta, as well as large and small scale survey programs throughout Alberta and British Columbia. She has been involved in diverse projects related to heritage resources, including archaeological sites, cultural landscapes, and historic structures, among others. Lindsay has a special interest in fostering public awareness of the history of Alberta and archaeological resources present in Alberta and in engaging with Indigenous descendant communities.

Dr. Amundsen-Meyer’s research strives to understand and incorporate Indigenous worldviews in scientific study, as well as to understand how Indigenous groups and archaeologists can create authentic partnerships which lead to more meaningful interpretations of the past. Lindsay completed her Bachelor’s and Doctoral degrees at the University of Calgary, during which she studied archaeology and museum and heritage studies. Her dissertation research incorporated Blackfoot worldviews in archaeological study, demonstrating how ideologically important features in the Blackfoot landscape influenced settlement patterning on the Northwestern Plains and the associated archaeological signatures of this influence.

Currently, Dr. Amundsen-Meyer directs the University of Calgary’s archaeological field school and works on a number of programs and initiatives on the Siksika Nation, in collaboration with Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park and Old Sun Community College, among other community partners. In 2020, she led a pilot program of archaeological training on the Nation for Siksika college students, a partnership with Old Sun Community College, in order to increase the capacity of the Siksika community to be involved in the heritage management industry. This initiative was recognized with a 2021 Heritage Calgary Award in the Advocacy & Volunteerism category.

Research Interests:

  • Plains Archaeology (specifically Canadian Plains)
  • Geographic Information Systems/Spatial Analysis
  • Landscape Archaeology
  • Indigenous Archaeology
  • Method and Theory in Hunter-Gatherer Research