Field schools

Field work is an important part of the student experience. You’ll have opportunities to spend time in the field locally as well as internationally.

Blackfoot Crossing Archaeology Field School

Travel Dates May 6-June 13, 2024 on the Siksika Nation (Transportation Provided).

Costs: Tuition + $850 supplemental fee

Pending permission from the Siksika Nation, this field school will take place at archaeological site EePf-54, located at South Camp on the Siksika Nation. EePf-54 is at Sooyohpawahkoyi (ridge-under-water), an important place in the Siksika cultural landscape. The archaeological record from EePf-54 is remarkably rich, revealing evidence of human occupation intermittently over the last at least 3,500 years, and potentially for as much as 10,000 years a testament to the importance of this place. Students will gain experience in all aspects of archaeological excavation and survey, providing important field experience for those looking to continue in archaeology. This project occurs in partnership with the Siksika Nation and Old Sun Community College, and an integral topic of this course is the history of Siksikaisksahkoyi as presented by Siksikaitsitapi Elders and Knowledge Keepers.

Get UCalgary credit for: ARKY 306 or ARKY 506

Person at Cluny site holds up samples

Panama Primatology (Spring 2024)

Travel dates: May 5 - 26, 2024

Seize this chance to develop your wild primate research skills in Panama! This is a unique opportunity to study mantled howlers, white faced capuchins, and nocturnal owl monkeys. Located on the remote tropical island of Isla Colón, you will gain first-hand experience with research design and data collection.

credit for: ANTH 505, ANTH 552, ANTH 553

Howler monkey