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Topics Courses: Spring 2024

History of and basic theory on the subject of video games, gaming, and games as art. 

This class will introduce students to the fundamental elements of 2D animation and requires no drawing skill. Students create animations using collage and computer software.

Topics Courses: Summer 2024

An introduction to visual literacy, ultimately providing students with the skills and language to be able to speak about and interpret various art forms.

Topics Courses: Fall 2024

Survey of key trends, movements and works in new media and contemporary digital art. Survey of key trends, movements and works in new media and contemporary digital art.


This course is a focused immersion into the Dada art movement, from its foundation during World War I to its global impact across twentieth-century art. Topics include Dada’s internationalism, the politics of the avant-gardes, its relation to industrial and media technologies, intermedia art, gender, and colonialism. 

Methodologies, material and production processes (could include vacuum forming, CNC router) for batch production of products such as but not limited to clocks, furniture (tables, chair) bottle opener, etc. 

This is an experiential, project-based course designed to increase the creativity capacity and innovation potential of each participant in their chosen field from across the discipline spectrum. Creativity theory and practice, design thinking and practice, communication, true collaboration, and entrepreneurial thinking are all components of study for meaningful , participant- driven, real-world projects for real-world audiences.

Identity in Focus: Exploring Self-Portraiture in Photography: 
Through a combination of image research, practical assignments, discussions, and critiques, students will develop a deeper understanding of the complexities of self-portraiture, including the intersectional and evolving nature of self-portraiture. They will also hone their technical skills in photography, digital and darkroom/analogue, while exploring the conceptual and expressive possibilities of self-representation.

Topics Courses: Winter 2025

A critical investigation of a particular subject related to the advanced study of Art History and Visual Culture.

An introduction to the use of computers, algorithms, and robotic devices in the creation of art.

Students will learn research strategies required to identify the needs of learners, communities and organizations in diverse settings through critical reflection. Students are engaged in experiential, situated learning.

This course will introduce students to the practices of AI tools in digital art. Students will create work with the help of artificial intelligence and confront the literature and controversy surrounding its use in the modern art world. 

This class will include both directed and self-generated assignments.  Projects will focus on historical and contemporary ways of applying paint to a chosen surface, painting exercises, and developing a painting style. Through lectures, slide presentations, studio practice and critiques, students will be encouraged to develop their panting style, problem-solving skills, and conceptual skills.


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