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Funding and awards

Graduate funding in the Department of English is made available from several sources including a substantial number of competitive scholarships and awards. We provide strong support through mentoring and grant-writing training.

Funding for full-time students

Most financial support is available only to you as a full-time thesis student in the first two years of your MA program or the first four years of your PhD program. Our program offers a multi-year funding plan for PhD students (see funding policy to the right). In the first year, full-time status requires taking at least two full-course equivalents (plus English 691). Afterwards, full-time means at least 40 hours per week on program-related tasks.
MA-Course Based students are eligible for awards during their 12- month program.


If you're registered in a full-time English MA or PhD program, you're eligible to apply for all sources of funding through the Department of English. The Department offers workshops to help you prepare scholarship applications. All fellowships, assistantships and scholarships are awarded competitively, on the basis of academic merit.

View competitive awards timeline

Departmental funding

To be considered for Departmental funding, you must apply for all scholarships for which you are eligible, including SSHRC fellowships and the Open Scholarship Competition. You must give a copy of your application for any award outside the Department to the Department Graduate Office.

International students

Are you an International Graduate student? You're eligible for many of the awards administered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarship Office. Check International Students to see a list of awards you may be eligible for and read the Award Timeline for International Students to see the month in which the applications are due.

Graduate student travel funding

Options exist to help fund trips to conduct thesis research or to make a presentation at a conference.

  • The Department of English graduate program grants Graduate Student Travel Funding awards of varying amounts. Priority is given to students who have not received a travel award in the last 12 months. Funding is not guaranteed but we do try to provide support.  During their program of studies, PhD students are eligible for two travel awards and MA students are eligible for one travel award. For further information, please view Department Graduate Travel Funding Application.
  • The Graduate Students' Association has a granting program specifically aimed at supporting graduate student academic projects, presentation, publication, professional skills and development, etc. called the Professional Development Grant (PDG) for individuals and the Group Project Grants (GPGs) for academic groups. Please see the Graduate Students' Association Web site.
  • The Faculty of Graduate Studies Travel Award is available to all students for one award during their academic program. Applications and details are posted here.
  • A Faculty member’s research grant could also provide funding for a research assistant. 


Scholarships and awards

Learn more about scholarships and awards available to both undergraduate and graduate students

Student loans

Student loans

If you're a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, protected person, or American citizen, you can apply for a student loan.


Working during grad school?

Have a competing award or assistantship? The Faculty of Graduate Studies can help explain the rules and regulations concerning awards, grants and assistantships graduate students are eligible to receive.

Graduate program contacts

Contact us for any questions you may have about the programs we offer in the Department of English.

Graduate Program Advisor

Ask me about graduate program advising

Lori Somner

Associate Head (Graduate Program)

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Creative Writing Coordinator

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