Nov. 18, 2020

“Excavations at the so-called Villa di Tito, Castel Sant’Angelo (RI), May to June, 2019”

PhD candidate Matt Munro and colleagues publish findings from their 2019 filed season in Italy.

Congratulations to Matt Munro (PhD candidate) and co-authors (M. McCallum, M. Beckmann, S. Nardelli, and G. Baker) for their recent publication highlighting the findings of their 2019 field season in Italy: “Excavations at the so-called Villa di Tito, Castel Sant’Angelo (RI), May to June, 2019”.

Munro is working with a team of researchers from St. Mary’s University and McMaster University, and his supervisor is Dr. Gerald Oetelaar.

This publication details the results of their 2019 field season at the Villa di Tito in central Italy. Last year, the team uncovered more of the villa architecture, including a niche that required immediate structural conservation, they excavated a sealed fill deposit that allowed them to date a major building phase, and they also discovered evidence for post-Roman occupation at the site in the form of Lombard-period structures and a hearth feature radiocarbon dated to between AD 650 to 750.

Be sure to check out the publication below for pictures of the 3-D terrain model created with drone photography!

Cool stuff Matt!

Photo if excavation site.

Image of excavation showing pilasters and the cryptoporticus on the south side of the site facing the Lago di Paterno and the Velino Valley, Italy.

Matt Munro