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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 10/24/2014 - 5:26pm

Researchers in the Faculty of Arts are involved in a stunning variety of fields – from
modern dance to experimental neuroscience, from medieval literature to remote
sensing of Arctic sea ice. 

In all cases, our faculty researchers, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students live up to the highest standards in their disciplines, seeking to expand human knowledge through analysis, innovation, and insight. 

The University of Calgary is a research-intensive institution with aspirations to be one of the top five research institutions in Canada our 50th anniversary in 2016.

These Eyes High goals will only be realized if we continue to push the boundaries of discovery and creativity in all of our departments and disciplines. We are proud of our reputation for research excellence in the Faculty of Arts, and we are truly excited about the future.

By continuing to recruit and retain the best talent, and by nurturing our scholars within an environment of robust research activity, we know that our goals can be met.

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Penny Pexman
Associate Dean, Research
SS 1337


Brian Moorman
Associate Dean, Research and Infrastructure
SS 1336