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Welcome to the Faculty of Arts

A message from Dean Richard Sigurdson on the tragic deaths of five young people on April 15 in the nearby community of Brentwood

Organizational psychologist, Thomas O'Neill

New study examines personality traits that may make some home-based employees more likely to stray on the Internet

Pierre-Yves Mocquais received France’s prestigious Ordre des Palmes Académiques in a ceremony on April 1.

Ordre des Palmes Académiques recognizes teaching, research, cultural advocacy 

Sociologist Alex Bierman, an assistant professor at the University of Calgary, is studying the psychological distress of civilians working in Iraq and Afghanistan. Photo courtesy of Alex Bierman

Sociologists examine the psychological distress on civilians working in Iraq and Afghanistan

Desire2Learn Workshops

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Annual Report 2012-2013

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National Survey of Student Engagement

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