Filmmaker in Residence

Department of Communication, Media and Film

2020 Filmmaker in Residence

Guy Maddin

Each year the Department of Communication, Media and Film brings a recognized filmmaker to the University of Calgary as the Filmmaker in Residence. This spring, we welcome Guy Maddin, who will be working with students in a week-long, intensive course called "Kino Delirium: Collecting Notes for a Film Diary.”

In Maddin's course, students will learn how to diarize their lives through video, starting with short, primitively edited experiential sequences shot and edited on smart phone, and evolving into brief memory and sensory studies that reveal the prose poetry in everyday life. By course's end, each student will have constructed short, personal cine-essays on a wide and wild range of subjects in which the student/artist is always reflected, no matter how honest or dishonest they choose to be. Lots of film screenings to remind those enrolled how alchemical film can be; and in-class shoots to help discover how to create facts when facts don't want to be filmed!


Not to be missed, on Thurs. May 14th, Guy Maddin will present a public screening of a recent work. Stay tuned to our events page for details in a future announcement!


Guy Maddin is a Canadian filmmaker whose career has spanned 36 years and over 50 film credits. He is globally recognized for both his short and feature work, including the critically-acclaimed films The Saddest Music in the World (2003) and My Winnipeg (2007). Maddin is a member of The Order of Canada, and his films have received dozens of awards and nominations, including an Emmy Award for his ballet film Dracula — Pages From A Virgin’s Diary (2002).


The CMF Filmmaker in Residence program was launched in 2017 to offer students the opportunity to develop skills from practitioners in a range of roles in the field of filmmaking.

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