Doctoral Candidacy Requirements

in the Department of Communication, Media and Film

Statement of Purpose

  • A student admitted to Candidacy in the Graduate Program in Communication and Media Studies should demonstrate readiness and ability to pursue and complete original independent research at the doctoral level.
  • They should have a solid foundation in the discipline of Communication and Media Studies; demonstrate familiarity with and ability to critically discuss the literature, theories, and methods most relevant to their chosen area of research; produce sophisticated oral and written discourse with sound, substantive, logical argumentation that convinces examiners of their maturity as a researcher; and have a well-conceptualized plan for their dissertation research.

Candidacy Components

All doctoral students in the Graduate Program in Communication and Media Studies must successfully complete the following components:

  1. Course requirements as identified in the graduate calendar
  2. A description of the research area, the identification of two fields of study, and the creation of a reading list for each field of study
  3. A written exam on the two fields of study
  4. An oral exam on the two fields of study
  5. A dissertation proposal approved by their supervisory committee

Doctoral Candidacy Regulations and Requirements

The University of Calgary Doctoral Candidacy Regulations (“the Regulations”) govern the conduct of admission to candidacy at the University of Calgary. This document establishes program-specific requirements associated with the conduct of admission to graduate candidacy under the Regulations.