First Year Master's Thesis Proposal

First-Year Master's Thesis Proposal

Due June 30

Find a supervisor

With a permanent supervisor in place, you will write a thesis proposal (8-10 double-spaced pages) of your research topic.

The components of this document must include a research question(s), a brief summary of the literature and theoretical framework in which the question(s) lie, and an overview of the methodological approach for conducting the research.

Acceptable M.A. thesis proposal

An acceptable M.A. thesis proposal, will be will be 8-10 double-spaced pages in length and include the following:

✷ A clear and concise statement of the issue to be investigated

✷ The question(s) that the research will seek to answer

✷ A brief overview of the key literature and theory that justifies the use of the chosen methodology to answer the proposed research question(s).

✷ A clear explanation of how the research methodologies will be applied to answer the research question(s). In other words, what will you research-your data-and, how will you do it.

✷ A discussion of any ethical contexts that impinge on the conduct of the research in anticipation of the ethics approval process at the University of Calgary.


Three appendices separate from the written portion are required. These include:

✷ A preliminary bibliography

✷ A thesis title and a list of proposed chapters with brief annotations explaining their projected content

✷ A schedule for the thesis project.

Thesis proposals should be sent to Megan Freeman in the Graduate Programs Office.