Resident Fellowship in Applied Ethics


Established in 1976, the Calgary Institute for the Humanities (CIH) fosters advanced study and research in a broad range of subject areas. We are multi-disciplinary and multi-faculty orientated. We support research in traditional Humanities disciplines such as languages and literature, history, religious studies, philosophy, as well as in philosophical and historical aspects of the social sciences, arts, sciences, and professional studies. The humanities are not conceived as a specific group of academic disciplines, but as forms of study that examine what is human – typically guided by literature, history, social and physical settings, artifacts, visual and performing arts.

Deadline and term

The Calgary Institute for the Humanities Fellowship in Applied Ethics is offered in alternating years. The call for applications for the 2023-24 academic year is now closed.

Sept., 2024

The call for applications for the next CIH Fellowship in Applied Ethics will open in September 2024, to be held in the 2025-26 academic year.


The CIH established this fellowship in 2020. We award the Fellowship in Applied Ethics every two years.

The Fellowship's principal objectives are to support research and community engagement on the topic of applied ethics. This can include:

  • environmental ethics

  • medical ethics

  • Indigenous ethics

  • professional ethics

  • social justice

  • and moral standing, among others.

The field of applied ethics is especially appropriate for the CIH, given our long of history of promoting both the value of the humanities and the importance of civic dialogue. Ethics are at the heart of the humanities, and considerations of ethics are one of the key contributions the humanities can make to a thriving public sphere.

The Fellow will provide a public lecture during the term of the Fellowship. Terms of reference of the award stipulate that this is a resident fellowship. Your location will be at the Institute during the term of your appointment. You will participate fully in the intellectual community of the CIH.

The Fellowship will provide office space and one full-course equivalent course release (2 HCE) for a University faculty member who is pursuing research in any field of Applied Ethics. Fellows will not receive a direct stipend. The term of the fellowship will normally be one year.


All scholars with teaching appointments at the University of Calgary that continue through the 2025-26 academic year will be eligible to apply for the next Resident Fellowship in Applied Ethics. Awards are subject to budgetary approval.

Full-time faculty of the University of Calgary who have previously held an Annual Fellowship or a Fellowship in Applied Ethics are eligible for another Fellowship five years after the completion of the first. In addition to considering the merits of the new project, however, special attention will be paid to the productivity resulting from the first Fellowship.

Application procedure

Scholars outside of the traditional humanities disciplines should make clear the humanistic orientation of their project.

Applications must contain:


A curriculum vitae. (No more than 5 pages.)

Proposal statement

A detailed statement of the research proposal. (A maximum of five pages, plus bibliography.)


A descriptive title and abstract of 150 words.

Department head's statement

A brief statement from the applicant’s head of department indicating the department is aware of the application.