Annual Report

Calgary Institute for the Humanities 2021-2022 Annual Report




Our second full year of Covid was a time of experimentation with modes of communication and conversation. If nothing else, the pandemic has given us a new appreciation for the value of community, and for the different ways that communities can come together. Our virtual interactions have enabled conversations between people that would never have been able to meet in person, and the real world meetings we are once again experiencing are reminding us how valuable it is to share the same space with people.

It is difficult to predict the conditions that will shape our conversations next year, but whatever happens, we will find a way to meet and talk, regardless of modality. The CIH exists to promote civic discourse and civil conversation, exploring the values that join us and the differences that enrich us. We hope you’ll join our ever-growing community this year.

Jim Ellis
Director, Calgary Institute for the Humanities
Professor, Department of English


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Lecture theatre during inaugural LGBTQ2S+ lecture series

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