Annual Report

In their presentation of the ‘Word of an Unprecedented Year (2020)’, the Oxford Languages Team discussed what they called the ‘gymnastics’ of the English language as it adjusted and readjusted to the rapidly changing circumstances brought about because of the pandemic and the social movements, such as Black Lives Matter, which came to the fore during it.

They did not, however, include the word unprecedented itself, though it is hard to speak of the 2020-21 year at the CIH without using it, as all our activities had to be rethought and reframed because of the pandemic. An equally important word of the year for us, however, is resiliency, a quality our CIH community showed in abundance. Having conversations and bridging the gap between the academic and non-academic worlds to enhance the public good are at the heart of what we do. Collectively, we managed to find new ways to carry out these activities in the online environment. Our fellows, scholar-in-residence, working groups, special guest speakers, advisory and executive boards all whole-heartedly embraced the challenges brought on by the pandemic and so ensured a year of rich, varied and very successful activities, which often, because of the online format, reached a broader audience than we could have managed in person.

Despite the unprecedented nature of the year, the CIH, with great resiliency, has continued to play a key role in the life of both the University and the City of Calgary.

Noreen Humble
Acting Director, Calgary Institute for the Humanities 2020-21
Professor, Department of Classics and Religion

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Lecture theatre during inaugural LGBTQ2S+ lecture series

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