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The Wayne O. McCready Resident Fellowship for an Emerging Scholar

In 2013, Prof. Wayne McCready stepped down as Director of the Calgary Institute for the Humanities.  Wayne had a distinguished thirty-five year career at the University of Calgary as a scholar, teacher and administrator in the Department of Religious Studies, and for eleven years, as the Director of the CIH.  To honour Wayne’s tenure at the Institute, we have created an endowment:  

The Wayne O. McCready Resident Fellowship for an Emerging Scholar

As Director of the CIH, Wayne bridged communities inside and outside the university in order to build on the past successes of the Institute, its research programs and its Community Seminar.   Among his accomplishments: 


  • At the Institute, he established an ongoing research project on place studies and hosted a major international conference on the theme in 2006.  He then exported these insights to the larger community, playing a leading role in the imagineCalgary Project (2008-2010), engaging with different community groups to help shape our city’s future. 
  • He sustained a long-running collaboration with the CBC Radio program Ideas, which saw the insights generated by our Annual Community Seminar being broadcast to hundreds of thousands of listeners around the world. 
  • He created and nurtured a community of students, academics and community members at the Institute, promoting the values of interdisciplinary work and engaged public scholarship.  The Institute’s high reputation nationally and internationally is largely a product of Wayne’s tireless efforts. 

But perhaps the most important of  Wayne’s contributions to the University was his mentorship of young scholars. The many undergraduates, doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and junior professors who have passed through the Institute benefited from his generous advice and friendly guidance, and many say that their time at the Institute was a turning point in their careers.  This endowment will continue Wayne’s legacy of making a difference in the careers of young scholars, helping to produce more great researchers, teachers and mentors at the University of Calgary. 

The endowment named in Wayne’s honour will help fund a Resident Fellowship at the Institute for scholars in the early stages of their careers.  The ultimate goal for this endowment is $175,000, which will fund a partial teaching release each year to allow the recipient time to research and write. 

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