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Dr. Eliot Tretter

Pronouns: He/Him


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Office: +1 (403) 220-2894

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Educational Background

B.A. Geography, Clark University, 1997

Doctor of Philosophy Geography, Johns Hopkins University, 2004

M.A. Geography, Johns Hopkins University, 2001


Areas of Research

Logistics and the Administrative Revolution, Fossil Fuel Industry Consultants - Indigenous, Environment, etc., Urban Political Economy of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, Smart Technologies and Industrial Organization, Airport Infrastructure, Digitization and Fossil Fuels, Financialization and the Knowledge Economy, Financialization and Smart City Technologies, Women's Employment in Service Sector


Course number Course title Semester
GEOG 452 LAB 01 B01 Urban Social Geography 2021
GEOG 452 LEC 01 01 Urban Social Geography 2020
GEOG 558 LEC 01 01 Urban Rgn'l Political Economy 2021


  • Eradicating a triple threat: Early urban planning and the spillover effects of fire, riot, and epidemic from slums. Eliot M Tretter; Alan Smart. (2019)
  • Transforming Rainey Street: Decoupling equity from environment in Austin’s Smart Growth Agenda. Elizabeth Mueller; Eliot Tretter. Routledge. 167-180. (2018)
  • Shadows of a Sunbelt City: the Environment, Racism, and the Knowledge Economy in Austin. Eliot Tretter. University of Georgia Press. (2021)
  • Producing Alberta’s Tar Sands: Oil, Ideas, Rents, and New Enclosures. Eliot Tretter. Capitalism Nature Socialism. (2019)

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