2024 UCalgary CMF Graduate Conference: Digital Power & Justice

Feb. 5, 2024

2024 UCalgary CMF Graduate Conference: Digital Power & Justice, May 9 - 10, 2024

The University of Calgary Department of Communication, Media and Film invites submissions for its 2024 CMF Graduate Conference with the prevailing theme of Digital Power and Justice.

Welcome to 2024 UCalgary CMF Graduate Conference

We are living in digitally and dynamically changing times. Now, more than ever, ordinary citizens pursue digital justice by engaging critically with global issues online. Simultaneously, they are faced with and battling increased censorship, and other barriers online, from technology conglomerates, governments, and other profit-motivated organizations and entities. Despite efforts to combat inequality online, access also remains an issue, and the digital divide is still pervasive. 

Conference Themes

-     Online censorship

-     Digital/online forms of resistance and solidarity

-     Cinema and film as resistance

-     Negotiating justice/injustice through film

-     Social media as a space to negotiate (in)justice

-     Digital infrastructures

-     Technology and access

-     Gender, race, accessibility, and digital/online representation

-     Streaming platforms

-     Digital distribution and networks

-     Digital and online media ethics

-     Artificial Intelligence: ethics, representation, and justice

-     Power, discourse, and accountability

-     Colonization/Decolonization/Anti-Colonization in digital or online media spaces

-     Power and injustice rooted in media histories (mapping trajectories of digital justice/injustice)

The submission deadline is March 15, you can use this Google Form to submit. Please check out the Call for Papers before submission.

The CMF graduate conference provides emerging and established scholars across Canada with the opportunity to share their research with a diverse audience, make connections, receive valuable feedback, and engage with the ideas of others across the various research communities.

We look forward to your participation in the 2024 UCalgary CMF Graduate Conference! Feel free to reach out to our conference chair if any questions arise at hafsa.maqsood1@ucalgary.ca