Nov. 25, 2020

Dr. Mark Migotti explores philosophical dimensions of our current times

Calgary Public Library presents “Philosophy in a Perfect Storm: From Plato to Us” on December 2, 2020
portrait of Mark Migotti, seated
Dr. Mark Migotti, University of Calgary

Four years ago, a substantial number of political observers had to confront the idea that we had entered a disturbing new age of fake news and post-truth, and half a year ago everyone had to confront the reality of COVID-19. Dr. Mark Migotti, professor of philosophy at the University of Calgary, will explore some of the complex philosophical interrelations between these two unexpected phenomena in his upcoming lecture with the Calgary Public Library.

In recent work, Dr. Mark Migotti has investigated Arthur Schopenhauer’s pessimism and Charles Sanders Peirce’s views on the philosophical importance of logic, focussing on the challenges to comfortable dogma found in each of these philosophers.  Schopenhauer denies that human life is (straightforwardly, unarguably) worth living; and Peirce scorns the idea that studying logic can help you better reason through your daily life. These challenges inform Migotti’s reflections on philosophical dimensions of our current, unprecedented, times.

The December 2, 2020 online lecture “Philosophy in a Perfect Storm: From Plato to Us” with Dr. Mark Migotti is presented by the Calgary Public Library in partnership with the Department of Philosophy at the University of Calgary. Registration is required, and the event is currently full! 

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