FAQ for undergraduate students

Find the answers to your questions about the Department of Philosophy

Questions about program registration

Already enrolled in the Faculty of Arts?
Submit a request for a change of program through your online Student Centre.

UCalgary student in another faculty?
Request admission to the Faculty through your online Student Centre.

You can find all the information you need on UCalgary's Future Students website.

If you matriculated more than ten years ago, contact the Student Success Centre. As a non-matriculated adult student you will need to present a grade of 72% or better in English 30. English 30 can be taken at any institution that offers it, such as Chinook Learning Services or Mount Royal University.

To enrol in one of our spring or summer session courses you will need to be admitted in some capacity to the University of Calgary. If you want these courses to count for credit at your current university you will need to be admitted as a Visiting Student, otherwise you may wish to be admitted as an Open Studies Student. In either case, advice can be had from the Future Students Office. The Registrar's Office has application forms for both Visiting and Open Studies students, as well as other admissions information.

Since these courses often fill up it would be wise to start the application process as soon as possible.

Undergraduate program questions?

Undergraduate Program Advisor

Ask me about general undergraduate program advising and requirements.

Philosophy questions
phildept@ucalgary.ca »

Gender and SexualityStudies questions
gsxs@ucalgary.ca »

Undergraduate Program Director

Ask me about undergraduate degree requirements and course selection.

Dr. Mark Migotti
migotti@ucalgary.ca »

Gender and Sexuality Studies Program Coordinator

Ask me about program requirements and course selection.

Professor Joe Kadi
jkadi@ucalgary.ca »

Honours Advisor

Ask me about honours program requirements and course selection.

Dr. Megan Delehanty
mdelehan@ucalgary.ca »