Learn more about introductory placement in each of our language areas

Placement in introductory courses

German, Italian, Japanese, Russian or Spanish

  • If you register in introductory courses, you'll receive access to an online placement form in D2L a month before the first day of classes
  • On the form, you will indicate whether you've previously taken a course or have lived in an environment where the language is spoken

Arabic or Chinese

  • You'll be required to complete an online application as the first step in a formal assessment and placement process

Have you taken a previous course in the language or lived where that language is spoken?

  • You will be required to meet with your program's undergraduate advisor
  • The advisor will assess and advise you about course selection

Native speakers are not eligible to take language courses by special assessment.

  • The School can refuse a student permission to remain in a particular language course if the instructor deems that the student's knowledge exceeds the level of that course.
  • Students are advised that misrepresenting their level of knowledge in the language of the course constitutes academic dishonesty and will be dealt with as such.