Calgary (Working) Papers in Linguistics

The (CWPL) publication focuses on contributions in linguistics and related disciplines.

Submission deadline: May 1, 2020 (Mountain Time 11:59)

All submitted papers will be reviewed by at least two editors. Please note that publication in the CWPL does not preclude further submission of the same paper to another journal.


Requirements for submission:

  • The first page of the document must include: Title, authors’ name(s), affiliation(s), an abstract of maximum 250 words, and key words.

  • Submissions are restricted to fifteen pages, excluding the first page, references, and appendices.

  • Text and examples should be single-spaced, Cambria 12-point font. References should be single-spaced 10-point font. Justify the text and reference list.

  • Text margins, except for the first page, should be 2.54 cm on all sides. The first page should have margins of 4 cm.

  • All in-text citations and the references section should be in APA style.

  • Only one single author submission per person will be accepted.

  • Multiple submissions with multiple authors will be accepted.

  • Book reviews are also welcome.

  • The authors’ contact information should be on the final page, following the references (and appendices).


Submissions must be made electronically by sending an editable file (e.g. .docx)

Calgary (Working) Papers in Linguistics

Calgary (Working) Papers in Linguistics

Calgary (Working) Papers in Linguistics is an annual journal that includes contributions in linguistics and related disciplines by faculty and students at the University of Calgary and elsewhere.