Nov. 24, 2020

Celebrating our 2020 graduates

Friends, family and colleagues gathered from around the world for the virtual convocation ceremony
Portraits of five graduates from philosophy
Celso Alves Neto, Nigel Freno, Nima Khodabandeh, Brent Odland, Lara Roth Millman, Matthew Van Dyk

The November 26, 2020 virtual convocation ceremony at the University of Calgary was an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments Philosophy and Women’s Studies graduates from this past year. The event was online, with no limit to the number of graduates, family members and friends who could join the celebration from around the world. The recording of the ceremony will also be available to view at any time on the UCalgary convocation website.

Our most recent graduates from the MA in Philosophy program (thesis-based) are Nigel Freno, Brent Odland, Lara Roth Millman and Matthew Van Dyk. Nigel, Brent and Lara have all gone on to doctoral studies at universities across Canada. Celso Alves Neto completed his PhD this past summer and is now a postdoctoral scholar at Dalhousie University. Nima Khodabandeh also completed his PhD in Philosophy, and is currently working and writing a short story collection.

Our BA in Philosophy graduates are Vibha Dhawan, Norma El-Hajj Hassan, Konrad Margol, and Carl Michael Ramos. Lynn Maccallum and Carly Ranger have graduated with their BA in Women’s Studies. Lynn Maccullum and Konrad Margol have both made the Faculty of Arts Dean’s List in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements.