Head shot of Teresa Fowler

Dr. Teresa Fowler

Pronouns: She/Her


Sessional Instructor

Werklund School of Education, Specialization, Leadership

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Werklund School of Education, Specialization, Leadership

Sessional Instructor

Faculty of Arts , Department of Philosophy

Contact information

For media enquiries, contact

Clayton MacGillivray
Content and Media Specialist

Email: clmacgil@ucalgary.ca
Twitter: @UCalgaryEduc


Educational Background

PhD Curriculum & Learning, University of Calgary,

MEd Curriculum & Learning, University of New Brunswick,

BEd Secondary Education (Physics/Math), University of Alberta,


Dr. Fowler’s research expertise centers around critical white masculinities and their impact on various aspects of society, specifically elite hockey culture and K-12 education. Through her work, she aims to explore the complexities of gender identity and challenge traditional notions of masculinity, seeking to promote healthier and more inclusive understandings of masculinities. Particularly, she investigates the intersection between masculinity and mental health, examining how societal expectations and stereotypes surrounding masculinity stemming from hegemonic masculinity influence boys’ and men’s mental well-being. Her multidisciplinary research draws from education, sociology, psychology, gender, and cultural studies.

Dr. Fowler is a dedicated advocate for a healthy hockey culture, school culture, and healthy masculinities, committed to fostering inclusivity within the hockey community and more nuanced understandings of masculinity. Dr. Fowler strives to challenge traditional norms within hockey culture, as these norms influence how Canadians come to understand gender and, specifically, masculinity and whiteness. Her work has garnered attention for promoting gender equality, breaking down barriers to access, and creating safe spaces for everyone to enjoy the game. Dr. Fowler was named a “Social Change Advocate” by the Hockey News in 2023, and she was called to testify based on her research to both the Heritage Committee’s study on Safe Sport in Canada and the Standing Committee on Women’s study on Women and Girls in Sport.


Men's Elite-Level Hockey Culture: Context, Challenge and Change

Scholars and practitioners with expertise in the critical analysis of ice hockey and identity will share their insights in one Wednesday a month in this free online speaker series in order to open up a conversation about what we can learn from the current state of men's elite-level ice hockey as well as the different forms that the sport could take moving forward. Our intention is to eventually have a roundtable discussion and create recommendations for administrators and policy-makers after the series. 


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