A portrait of Anna Pletnyova

Ganna (Anna) Pletnyova

Pronouns: She/her


Learning Technologies Specialist

Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, TI Learning Technology and Design Team

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Course number Course title Semester
LING 309 Language and Power Summer 2023, Summer 2020
FREN 225 La Grammaire par les textes I Winter 2020
FREN 227 La Grammaire par les textes II Winter 2019
FREN 209 Beginners’ French I Spring 2021, Fall 2020, Fall 2017
RUSS 301 Continuing Russian I Fall 2019
RUSS 333 Intermediate Russian II Winter 2019
RUSS 331 Intermediate Russian I Fall 2018
FREN 211 Beginners’ French II Summer 2016


Extended Reality Community of Practice

Extended Reality (XR) is an umbrella term referring to virtual, augmented and mixed reality as well as other immersive environments. 

This community of practice is a space where instructors using extended reality in their teaching can come together to connect, share experiences, good practices and resources, and to help to foster innovative teaching practices across UCalgary. Any campus community member who is curious is encouraged to join the community. 

Accessibility and Technologies: Creating Accessible Course Content

Currently working on a set of resources to help instructors to develop a deeper understanding of accessibility, create educational materials accessible to all learners, and foster equitable and inclusive learning experiences.


  • University of Calgary Teaching Award (for Graduate Assistants) March 2020, Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. 2020


More Information

Currently Teaching Workshops at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning:

TI 0922 Engaging Students In Diverse Learning Spaces 

TI 0942 Fostering a Positive Learning Environment in Your Class 

TI 0943 International TA Conversation Series: Opportunities and Effective Strategies 

TI 0943 International TA Conversation Series: Resolving Conflicts 

TI 0899 Learning Spaces and Digital Pedagogy (assessment)

Resources developed:

Using Classroom Technologies in Different Learning Spaces

Connecting Remote and Face-to-Face Students