March 13, 2024

Celebrating Hinako Ishikawa: A Big Win at the Teaching Awards

Congratulations to Hinako Ishikawa for winning the "Teaching Award 2023 Sessional Instructors" award.
Hinako Ishikawa

On February 28th, 2024, an exceptional event, “the 2024 Celebration of Teaching”, occurred at the Taylor Institute. Our colleague and teacher, Hinako Ishikawa, won the prestigious "Teaching Award 2023 Sessional Instructors."  Winning this award is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement for teachers, and it's a big deal because it recognizes Hinako as an outstanding teacher. She has been teaching Japanese at the University of Calgary since 2014, and this award is a testament to her exceptional teaching skills, innovative ideas, and dedication to her students.

Hinako is beloved by her students for her ability to make learning enjoyable and easy to comprehend, even when the subject is challenging. Her classroom is a safe space for everyone to ask questions and acquire knowledge. 

Hinako distinguishes herself through her innovative teaching methods, including educational technology, which significantly enhances student engagement. As a Google Certified Trainer, she adeptly incorporates tools for interactive learning and efficient feedback collection. Furthermore, she has pioneered Virtual Reality into Japanese language education, offering students enriching experiential learning opportunities. Winning the award is a personal accomplishment for Hinako and a victory for the entire learning community. It demonstrates the impact that excellent teaching can have on students' lives.

The Teaching Awards ceremony is a celebration of teachers' crucial role in our lives. They help us learn and grow, and their dedication should be acknowledged and appreciated. Hinako's award is an inspiration to all teachers, demonstrating that hard work, creativity, and passion for teaching can lead to great things.

Hinako's story is a source of motivation for all of us. It reminds us to work hard and believe in ourselves. We are proud of Hinako Ishikawa for her incredible achievement, and we look forward to seeing how she will continue to inspire and educate her students.

Hinako Ishikawa with the award