Dec. 15, 2020

Congratulations LLAC Graduate Students

Five graduate students in the Languages, Literatures and Cultures program achieve important milestones

Over the last two months a number of students in the Languages, Literatures and Cultures graduate program have successfully completed important academic milestones. Please join us in recognizing and celebrating their amazing accomplishments.

We extend our congratulations to LLAC doctoral student Alba Fano-Trabanco for passing her Thesis Proposal Exam on November 24, 2020, and for completing her candidacy requirements. Alba’s thesis proposal is titled Exploring the Relationship Between Mindfulness and Second Language Teaching.

Alba’s research interests include L2 pedagogy inside and outside the classroom (study abroad), the psychology of the L2 learner and teacher, and the application of contemplative pedagogy in the L2 classroom. We thank our colleagues for supporting Alba towards this important milestone: Mary O’ Brien (Supervisor), Angela George (Co-Supervisor); Veronika Bohac-Clarke and Roswita Dressler (Supervisory Committee Members); Rachel Friedman and Maren Aukerman (Examiners); and Eleonora Buonocore (Neutral Chair).

On December 10, Applied Linguistics MA student Caitlin Ryan successfully defended her thesis Comparing Instructional Methods for Address Pronouns in Second Language German. Our heartiest congratulations go to Caitlin and supervisor Mary O’Brien, and our thanks to Martin Wagner and Umit Boz (examiners), and to Olga Mladenova (Neutral Chair).
Herzliche Glückwünsche!

On December 14, PhD student Karina Hincapie (Spanish) passed her Oral Field of Studies Examination. Karina’s written and oral FoS exams focus on Latin American film and affect theories.
We express our gratitude to our colleagues for their work with Karina towards this important step: supervisor Elizabeth Montes; supervisory committee members Hendrik Kraay and Dan Russek (University of Victoria); examiners Fresia Sanchez and Pablo Policzer; and neutral chairs Francesca Cadel and Luis Torres.

On December 15, MA student Sarah Lunt (French) defended successfully her thesis La Grâce dans les portraits de La Comédie humaine d'Honoré de Balzac: sens et fonctions discursives.
Our heartiest congratulations go to Sarah and to supervisor Jean-François Richer, and our thanks to examiners Devika Vijayan and Janine Gallant (University of Moncton), and to neutral chair Marie-Andrée Bergeron.

On December 16, PhD student Nella Darbouze-Bonyeme (Transcultural Studies) completed her candidacy requirements by passing her Thesis Proposal Exam. Nella’s proposal is titled Systemic Racism in Nineteenth-Century Tales of Black and Mixed-Race Revenge.
We thank our colleagues for supporting Nella towards this milestone: supervisor Martin Wagner; supervisory committee members Karen Bourrier and Mary Nyquist (University of Toronto); examiners Mushegh Asatryan and Jewel Spangler; and neutral chair Wei Cai.

Congrats you did it