Researcher Christopher Sears in the Library

Research in Brain and Cognitive Science

in the Department of Psychology

Brain and Cognitive Science

We are interested in the mental processes and brain structures that are involved in movement, perception, learning, memory and understanding language. We study how these capabilities emerge during infancy, how they change as the brain matures and ages, and how they are affected when the brain is injured. Our goal is to understand behaviour and cognition at the level of neurons, networks of neurons and cognitive systems.

Dr. Mike Antle

Chronobiology Lab

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Dr. Jeff Caird

Cognitive Ergonomics Research Laboratory

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Dr. Suzanne Curtin

Speech Development Lab

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Dr. Richard Dyck

Neural Development and Plasticity Lab

Dr. Susan Graham

Language and Cognitive Development Laboratory

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Dr. Mark Holden

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Dr. Giuseppe Iaria


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Dr. Julia Kam

Internal Attention Lab

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Dr. Sheri Madigan

Determinants of Child Development Lab

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Dr. Dan McGrath

Substance Use and Gambling Laboratory

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Dr. Penny Pexman

Language Processing Laboratory

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Dr. Andrea Protzner

Brain Dynamics Lab

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Dr. Derya Sargin

Neural Circuits and Behaviour Lab

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Dr. Christopher Sears

Cognition and Emotion Lab

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Dr. Simon Spanswick

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Dr. Keith Yeates

Brain Injury Research in Children Laboratory (BIRCh)

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