Professor in the Department of Psychology, Keith Yeates aims to better understand the outcomes of childhood brain injury and influences on recovery.

Research in Clinical Psychology

in the Department of Psychology

Clinical Research

From aging body and mind to early development of language and cognition, our Clinical Psychology research labs explore a wide-range of contemporary psychological issues.

Dr. Brandy Callahan

Neurocognitive Disorders Lab

Dr. Tavis Campbell

Behavioural Medicine Laboratory

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Dr. Keith Dobson

Depression Research Laboratory

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Dr. Deinera Exner

Healthy Relationships Promotion Team (HOPE) Lab

Dr. Susan Graham

Language and Cognitive Development Laboratory

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Dr. David Hodgins

Addictive Behaviours Laboratory

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Dr. Candace Konnert

Healthy Aging Lab

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Dr. Melanie Noel

ABC Pain Research Laboratory

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Dr. Andrea Protzner

Brain Dynamics Lab

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Dr. Kristin von Ranson

Eating Behaviours Laboratory

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Dr. Keith Yeates

Brain Injury Research in Children (BIRCh) Lab

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Dr. Sheri Madigan

Determinants of Child Development Lab

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Dr. Andrew Kim

Addictions and Mental Health Lab