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Department of Psychology

Course-based research projects that involve data collection from human participants must be reviewed by the Department’s Research Ethics Board. Contact the Chair of the Research Ethics Board Dr. Dan McGrath for details.

All faculty and graduate student research involving human participants must be reviewed by the Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board (CFREB) or the Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board (CHREB). Application information can be obtained on the CFREB and CHREB web sites. Applications to the CFREB and CHREB are created and submitted online using IRISS. There are no paper application forms.

If you are an undergraduate student conducting research under the supervision of a faculty member (e.g., an honours thesis or research course student; a student with a PURE award or Markin award) and the research is directly related to the faculty member’s research program, then the faculty member would either:

  1. submit a regular application to the CFREB/CHREB for ethics review and identify the student’s role in the application,
  2. or submit a Modification to an existing CFREB/CHREB-approved application to add the student to the research team.

Graduate and undergraduate students must complete the Tri-Councils' Course on Research Ethics (CORE) tutorial in order to be a co-applicant on an CFREB/CHREB ethics application (as a member of the research team or as a masters/doctoral thesis student pursuing supervised research). You must upload your CORE certification into the IRISS application before the CFREB/CHREB can approve the application.

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