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Departmental student policies & documents

Be aware of the policies that affect you as a student in the department of Psychology

Policy on departmental relationships

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Policy on Exam Retention

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Guideline on Grading

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Program Road Map

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Mental Health Resources for Students

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Department policies specific to graduate students

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Policy on student photocopy allowance

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Policy on summer teaching assistantships

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Policy on graduate student fee differential

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Clinical training documents and policies

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Graduate fees and funding

Understand your general fees and learn about funding available.

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Awards and scholarships

Find the awards and scholarships available to you and learn how and when to apply.

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Graduation requirements


Congratulations! You are approaching the final step of your study. Thesis-based and course-based students will need to complete different tasks in order to graduate. Ensure you have completed all the requirements for your degree.

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Where do I get information about convocation?

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Graduate contacts

Graduate Program Advisor

Contact me for graduate program advising and any questions you have about our programs »

Psychology Graduate Program Director

Dr. Josh Bourdage

Clinical Graduate Program Director

Dr. Sheri Madigan

Clinic Director and Clinical Practicum Coordinator

Dr. Brae Anne McArthur